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Unknown Location

February 6 of the year 323

Dryad's Day

"You want me to do what!?"

"That rift to the Cleft of Dimensions is still open out there. Go through it, be The Chosen of Pluto. I have known you as like a brother and I know how you love adventure. So I say you must go to the Cleft, take my place, and seek that adventure." Oni the moogle replied.

"Yeah your right, alright I'll go. I must have my own adventure and seek my own things. But who will protect the village?"

"Don't worry about it. I'm still a ninja. No evil shall reign over the village."

"Remember," Oni continued. "When you enter the Cleft, find a metal man who calls himself Saneron. He is the leader of the Chosen, and I'm sure he'll find a way to transfer the power he saw in me to you."

"I will protect your Chosen as proof of our friendship."

We both shake hands and wave to each other as I walk off toward the forest and the rift in the air above it.

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