A Reploid Girl's Diary 3

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The Town of Truce

January 18 of the year 323

Gnome's Day

The peace and general solitude of the Sanctuary of Mana seemed all the more evident that evening, as Aura sat with her back against the base of the statue that represented the Goddess of Mana herself. The look of distraught on her face was unmoving as her pen flew across the diary in front of her, doing its best to keep up with the flurry of thoughts that raced through her young mind.

Today has been one of the most painful days ever to be in existence within this world. I met with Cedrian and another girl..mm..Alexia! Yes..and this strange Hylian woman (whom I'd never seen) showed up at the fountain area, from the docks. And we talked some, (Well, actually, Cedrian did most of the talking; I just listened) then we followed her to a house in the northern area, and met her 'mom' (Cedrian knew who she was, though, it seemed) and then had to wait outside while a bit of a tussle went on inside.

She stopped writing, furrowing her brow momentarily. It seemed more like scribbles than the clearly organized writing that she'd performed in the past. With a sigh, she tore out the page and started anew on the next, making an effort this time to control her writing utensil.

This was truly a devastating day in the life of not only myself, but a select few others, as well. I guess I ought to start at the beginning...

I had met Cedrian and (later on) a girl named 'Alexia' at the fountain of Truce, as a girl approached from the dock area. After some brief questioning form Cedrian, a series of events began, each more confusing than the previous. Trying to remember it all, I recall following Cedrian around from Truce to the Underworld, and everywhere in between them (not that I had any intention of making him point-man; I just didn't know my way around the world all that well, yet) from what started as a scuffle at a house in Truce, to a murder in cold blood at the mountains of Wutai.

She stopped again, a bit more satisfied this time around. She looked up at the solemn, glittery-eyed expression of the statue that loomed over her, recalling that her own face probably bore that same mask, possibly at more than one point during the 'trip'.

I can't say I knew the victim (Roanne was her name) all that well... but it didn't matter to me. Her life was taken from her in a manner that she could not have hoped to prevent, and my friends and I just stood there, as she was slain right in front of us... I wish I could've done something! Its not fair, damn it!

Once again, she ceased writing, as a droplet of emotion fell from her cheek onto the page she wrote upon. Gritting her teeth against the tears, she fought to keep writing.

After some deliberation, we went back to Mandala to see the shaman 'Byrjun' at the Temple of Prophecy. He only said what Olbohn (in Hades) had told us earlier, that we shouldn't worry about it so much. He added, however, that Hope is never truly lost, so long as someone keeps it within their grasp, and that it may be a long time before it shows up, as well.

He and Olbohn were both right, I suppose, but I felt so powerless, as well as hopeless. And its a terrible feeling. I know he speaks the truth, though; and I won't let it go. I promise this not only to myself, but to Roanne, as well.

She closed the book and laid it aside, crossing her arms over her chest as the waterworks slowed down considerably.

"You will be the first to understand'..."

She lowered her head once again, letting the tears spring forth again, eventually crying herself to sleep that night...

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