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Lete River - Roadway

Forte - Kaze no Senshi is here.

Spider ) is here.

(Charmed) A baby wolf runs around, yipping constantly.

Coraveda - "What a horrible night to have a curse," is here.

Spider begins to bandage the wounds after shifting the ribbons out of the way. "Search me."

Dingo immediately backs as far away from Forte and Spider as possible at the arrival of this new stranger, huddling by Coraveda's feet with his tail between his legs.

Slowly opening her eyes to a thick blurry haze, Coraveda painstakingly focuses her brilliant red gaze on Spider. '...Spi...der...'

Forte says ' Hey, She is alive. Thats a step up.'

Aile scuttles in, having extended the spidery legs on his hoverchair again. The reason for this is obvious, as several of them are dripping with imp blood. He enters the area and observes the goings-on for a while.

Spider manages a grin. "Lotus-girl. You're awake. Good to see."

Coraveda has still not moved an inch, but lies there heavily with glimmer of pain behind her dreamy eyes. She cannot quite manage a smile as she mutters '...long... time... no see...'

Spider grabs one of Coraveda's hands, squeezing it. "I missed you." He didn't know if he had or not, but it was a pleasant lie.

Through Coraveda's fresh white bandages, new blood is already beginning to show.

Spider says '...We need to get to the medic.'

Forte says ' That seems too be a damn good idea.'

Aile finally speaks up. 'Need a hand carrying her?'

Spider looks over at Aile, startled for a moment, then nods. "That'd be nice. Thanks, buddy."

Forte looks around and blinks a few times "What the hell?"

Aile smiles impishly at Spider. 'Just tie her to my back like every other casualty.'

Spider picks up Coraveda as gently as possible, carrying her towards Aile.

Coraveda has a troubled look in her eyes as she blurrily scans their unrecognizable faces. 'N, no, don't... you...' The effort of speaking strains her, and she begins coughing.

Spider looks at Coraveda, concerned. "Lotus, we need to get you help..."

Dingo tags along behind Spider, closely but not too closely, whimpering and tugging at one of Cora's loose ribbons.

Coraveda shakes her head, but before she can muster up the energy to explain further, she has fallen unconcious in his arms.

Aile sighs.

Spider places her atop Aile's wheelchair, tying her down with her own ribbons. "Thanks again for the help."

Forte says ' Well, Thats anti-climatic. Here I was expecting a dragon to show up and try and take her away.'

Aile nods solemnly. 'You were gone way too long to just be thinking about stuff... I figured you might need a hand.' He scuttles off and waves one of the spidery appendages. 'Or a leg.' Spider follows after Aile. "Sorry to just run off like that, though."

Forte blinks some, shrugs, and continues walking along the river looking for Rock.

Aile shakes his head again. 'You didn't take any booze with you... I figured you needed some time alone. Don't worry too much about it.'

Dingo scampers after Aile, yelping at the spidery limbs carrying the target of his apparent loyalty.

Spider grins, although there's something strained about it. "Don't worry, I'm saving the booze for later."

Aile stops a moment and gently picks up Dingo in his arms, placing the little yipper on top of Coraveda's chest.

Aile scuttles off toward Selan's place. 'Coming, Spider?'

Spider is following after. "Of course. I mean, I was dating her, right?"

Aile stops dead in his tracks. He looks toward Spider, pulling out a bottle of tequila and brandishing it threateningly. 'You were WHAT?'


Spider pauses to think. "I think I remember this girl. She and I at the least flirting. In fact, didn't I taunt you about it?"

Aile advances on Spider. 'Next time you go cruising for chicks, you're bringing me along... or you'll never see another drop of your favorite tequila. We're -partners-, remember?'

Spider nods, grinning. "Will do. But this one's mine when she wakes up, K?"

Aile nods. 'Prior claim is fine and all, just keep it in mind for when this one shoots you down, okay?'

Spider smirks. "Will do. For now, to the healer?"

Truce - Modest House

A plump housecat loafs around here, lounging in self-appreciativeness.

A plump housecat loafs around here, lounging in self-appreciativeness.

Helping those incapable of helping themselves, the healer Selan is here.

As Coraveda is carried into the room, the housecats begin to hiss and yowl, darting out the front door.

Aile enters the room and gently unties Coraveda, placing her on the floor near Selan with a few legs. 'Would you mind helping us out a little?'

Selan kneels down over Coraveda, checking for any obvious defects. "What happened?"

Spider says 'No idea. I found her unconcious in the Lete River.'

Coraveda has bandages around her right shoulder, but they have already been soaked through. Her breathing is ragged and she's still damp, and there are several small puncture wounds along one leg.

Dingo is licking said puncture wounds.

Selan nods. The puncture wounds seem small enough to not cause any immediate trouble. She starts unwrapping the bandages, to have a look at the damage under them and if necessary, replace them with fresh ones.

Coraveda is displa