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Spider stumbles in from the south, using Aile's chair as support, clearly insanely drunk.

Aile isn't quite as drunk as Spider - he won more of the telekinesis contests - but he's a little tipsy too.

Coraveda is notably absent.

Dingo, however, is tagging along behind Spider and barking all the way. 'Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!'

Aile says 'Why don't you go drop off that little barker with your girlfriend, Spider? It's a serious buzz-kill.'

Spider picks up the puppy. "Nah, man. Chicks dig dogs. Sensitive touch and all that."

Dingo stops yapping for just a moment as he attempts to lick some stray booze from a spill on Spider's shirt.

Aile sighs. 'I would think chicks dig -quiet- dogs. Ones that you can hear pickup lines over.' He pauses. 'Then again, considering our usual quality of pickup lines... maybe we better keep him around.'

Milo breaks into a giggle at Aile's last line, revealing that he had been listening in.

Spider laughs. "He's a boozehound! Get it? A dog? Likes booze? Boozehound?" He waits for someone to laugh.

Milo quite clearly STOPPED laughing when Spider spoke up.

Dingo yelps and tries to squirm out of Spider's arms, and away from the giggling stranger who startled him.

Aile sinks his face into his palm and shakes his head. 'See? Better to have YIP YIP YIP than a pun like that.'

Aile says 'Anyway. Reporting in, sir.'

Spider lets the puppy out of his arms. "Yo, sir." He gives a sloppy salute.

Dingo sits down behind Spider's feet and lets out a continuous, low growl as he peers at Milo from between Spider's legs.

Milo tries to look something resembling formal. "Anything to report besides your current bar tab?"

Spider grins even more. "I have a hot girlfriend again, sir!"

Aile rolls his eyes.

Milo says 'You're a robot. You're not supposed to date.'

Milo says 'That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.'

Spider says 'Yet I am, sir.'

Aile smirks and points to the dog. 'See? She follows him around -everywhere-. Isn't she a catch?'

Spider glares at Aile. "The dog belongs to the girl. Moron."

Aile giggles to himself.

Coraveda carefully and slowly makes her way into the square. Her wounded leg seems to have a slight limp, and her left arm has been put in a white ribbon-sling.

Coraveda says 'Oh good, my dog's still alive. I thought you two had taken him to the bar.'

Aile says 'Don't worry, he only drank what he could get off of Spider's armor. We didn't actually give him a doggie bowl full of tequila or anything... not that Spider didn't want to try.'

Milo turns his head. "...Coraveda?"

Spider pouts. "We wouldn't poison your dog, Cora! We just wanted him to discover the joy of alchohol."

Coraveda limps into sloppy rank next to Spider. 'Can I help you?'

Milo sighs. "I fail to see the difference."

"What happened?" A bit on the simple side, but Milo feels anything more would just be stating the obvious.

Motioning to her wounded arm and leg, Coraveda says 'After the last ... incident, on the full moon, I left Truce ...' She gazes off. 'I was looking for something powerful enough to break a curse.'

Coraveda shrugs. 'Instead, someone punched a hole in my arm and threw me in the river. Can't remember a thing! Isn't that ridiculous? People are so rude these days,