Analyzation: The Choice Has Been Made

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The Town of Truce

January 23 of the year 323

Dryad's Day

The clang of a loud bell from the far western end of Truce seemed to call forth the peace and quiet of midnight, on the following morning. Aura was not in her Sanctuary home, as one would expect, but out at the docks, leaning over the railing and looking out over the silent waters. Far too much had occurred where she felt she was concerned, and it was starting to take its toll on her already overthoughtful mind.

"First Roanne... then Cedrian... am I going to have to stop making friends altogether, to see that they don't die...? I know better, but it seems like I would have a hand in it... or, rather, I wouldn't, since I couldn't cursed DO anything about either of them..."

She couldn't stand what had happened, already. But she also knew that it was merely an omen of things, even worse, yet to come. The aged voice of the fortune teller ensnared her mind, still, like a lasso that could not be avoided.

"If you do not find yourself... you will remain forever alone..."

Finding herself... she KNEW she was different; it was uncannily obvious. But it was that fact that struck fear deep into her mind, regardless of how hard she attempted to deny it. For the sake of friends... enemies... who could tell?...

"...those whom you hold dear... they will never know what is good for you... those whom hate you... will never be honest."

Trust. That had been a key factor in deciding that she was different from any other of her kind. She COULD trust, and at will! She had not been laid to rest, yet, because of it...

Aura reeled, as if she'd just been nailed in the face with a high-speed projectile, and staggered to regain her balance. Of course she hadn't! But... others HAD. Was it truly... of her doing, somehow?

The other person she had seen on the previous day... she hadn't gotten a name to call him by,

but Cyx seemed to know him. Cyx...

"...he... killed Cedrian..."

She gritted her teeth, and shook her head violently from side to side. There would be no crying; not now, and not anytime soon. It wouldn't help her through any of this, and it wouldn't bring the dead back to life.

She remembered the other one speaking... of a spirit inside that was not rightfully Cedrian's... Pumki?

"...reincarnated into a great beast of unholy strength..."

This was all becoming so confusing... and in so short of a time... at first, all she sought to accomplish was the freedom of Roanne's soul, but had become much more just one task. The entire world was trembling. Could she truly be one to do anything about it...?

"...the greatest burden of them all!... it is only yourself, whom you cause so much misery..."

Of all the possible replies she could've anticipated, that one was the the farthest back in her mind of any of them. All this time, since the coming of that... that... robed THING... she lived in fear of being a burden... but not to herself! It was actually starting to become a little clearer, now, however... piecing together the teller's words, she thought, for a moment, that she might have a lead on this jigsaw puzzle that was her life.

"...close your heart..."

It was coming. She didn't know if she could stop it, or even postpone the inevitable. But she had gained knowledge; about the present, the future... and, most importantly, about herself. She flung her arms out to the open waters, letting her voice be heard in the silence of the night.




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