Armandine's Diary (Kupo!)

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Dear Diary, It's me again! Armandine! What a great day I had today! I finally ran into that funny robot my friend told me about. He says his name is Drinkmath, and he is starting up a new religion! I think he said it's all about drinking and dancing! My two favorite things! Of course I signed up. I also got my pals Aemmupo and Ulyaupo to join too. We had a great time and I learned so much! Robots are pretty good dancers (not as good as me though) Also they can drown, so you gotta be careful. Hmm what else happened.

Oh yeah some spooky looking human showed up but didn't say anything. Humans are so strange, I guess that's why my pappy always says "Hold on to your Pom when a human is about!"

Anyway, after the holy Drinkmath annoited us all with the holy necter and bestowed upon us our holy titles, we embarked on a holy journey... Holy! We embarked on a quest to find the source of the sacred fountain. Of course I lead the way! Kupo! Now that I think about it.. My memory is a tiny bit hazy for the next part. I remember getting myself nice and holy... And then it's a little bit of a blur after that. Somehow I think I managed to lead everyone to the cave though. We all danced into the cave, and talked to some friendly (but messy!) Goblins. A bat flew into my fur :( After much more dancing, we finally found the great lake filled with Hagger Milk! (maybe. Kupo) Well that's all for now diary. Talk to you again soon!

You also see a shopping list stuck to the diary page

- Volomoth Steaks

- Cave Mushrooms

- Bat Repellent

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