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Spider walks in slowly from the north, rubbing his still-injured shoulder.

Axl runs in from the south, faintly perturbed about -something-, though this fades on the sight of Spider. "Hey! What happened to you? Your comm just sort of cut off in the middle..."

Spider says '...Seikou attacked me. Managed to knock me out, too.'

Marino sits on a bench and rests.

Spider turns to Signas. "Guess you were right about him, Andre."

Variance is followed by Signas, back in his standard armor, but with a new hat. He shakes his head and sighs. "Believe it or not, I do know what I'm talking about most of the time."

Spider says 'He didn't really seem Maverick, though... no gloating. It's just...'

Spider says 'One moment, he was fighting off Koopas, the next, he was on top of me. Completely expressionless...'

Lumine tells you 'Hmn... He's the other one with my gift, correct~? Interesting news indeed...'

Signas nods. "You realize, that he's been Maverick for so long, it's probably impossible to determine how he thinks anymore. I'm guessing he managed to escape afterwards?" :\

Marino glances towards the other Reploids after hearing the word "Maverick" being used.

Axl lets an obvious glare slip under his notice. "...Oh."

Spider says 'Unfortunatley, he awakened before I could finish him off. Dashed northwards.'

You tell Lumine 'Damn it, I don't need you messing around with me again! Go cackle over your plans somewhere else!'

Lumine tells you 'I don't have anywhere else to go, Axl... I can't exactly leave your mind... Well, unless you'd let me use the data transfer cables, of course.'

Signas scowls unhappily, but immediately regains his composure. "I see the siege went well, and that.. stunt you had me do went.. smoothly, too."

You tell Lumine '...Usually, I'd be glad to, but I don't think I'd want anyone else having to deal with you. You're tormenting -me- enough as it is.'

Spider says 'Where's the girl at? Did you just let her go?'

Axl nods, letting that previous unsettled look come over him again. "Yeah... I'm sure she'll be fine on her own."

Signas coughs and glances around. "I think she's more than capable of taking care of herself, yes."

Lumine tells you 'It's your decision~... But the selfless hero thing doesn't fit you very well, brother.'

Spider blinks at Axl. "Is everything OK, kid? You seem a bit... odd."

Marino winks at Raitzeno.

Raitzeno laughs at Marino mercilessly.

You say 'Yeah! Yeah, fine, nothing wrong here!'

Spider says '...Hmn. If you say so...'

Spider glances around the square... and catches sight of Marino. "...Marino? What are you doing here?"

You tell Lumine 'No, -that- one was because of 'that girl' being a freakin' -vampire-, not because of the crazed little fem-man in my head.'

Lumine tells you '.......'

Lumine tells you 'Vampires don't exist.'

Marino walks slowly towards Spider, then leans on one hip "Is that how you greet an old friend?"

You tell Lumine 'Yeah, tell that to the girl who had -blood dripping down her shirt- and -FANGS-. Now quit bothering me!'

Signas casts a (somewhat admiring :o) glance at Marino. "Ah, Commander, you know her?"

Spider says 'She was with us on the Giga City mission.'

Axl seems to snap out of something and finally notices another acquaintance, brightening(but not too much). "Marino!"

Signas steps back and allows old friends to chat. He sure doesn't fit in right now XD

Spider says 'So, how has life been treating you?'

Lumine tells you 'Aww, how sweet, all your pathetic oldgen friends are here at once... Except for your cherished heroes, of course.'

Lumine tells you 'Wonder what happened to them~....'

You tell Lumine 'I'll find them. They're fine.'

Marino winks at Axl, then continues talking to Spider; "As far as life takes me currently, but this is no Giga City"

Lumine tells you 'Maybe one of your other brothers found them... Seikou, maybe? Hmn...'

Spider says 'I have to agree. I haven't seen a decent casino since I came here.'

Marino she closes her eyes lightly rubbing her forehead; "I don't even know where 'Here' is, nor do I remember how I got here to begin with"

Spider says 'That seems to