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Spider is lounging near the fire still, having got a decent night's sleep. Luckily, Reploids lack hangovers.

Ekkusu says 'You always lounge by the fire these days?'

Spider says 'Well, it's comfortable here.'

Ekkusu smiles a bit while stretching.

Ekkusu says 'Just curious.'

Spider says 'The others should be up soon...'

Valkyrie slides down without a word and starts adjusting her boot.

Ekkusu nods while his arms lightly fold over his chest.

Ekkusu says 'It'll be good to see them again.'

Axl half-shuffles in, gaze initially looking past the ground as he approaches the Candle. He stops several feet off, completely stiffening as soon as he decides to look up. "...ah... X?"

Ekkusu glancing over in Axl's direction, he smiles, his head nodding a bit while brushing himself off. His emerald eyes seem to enjoy the look from a friend and he quietly waves.

Ekkusu says 'Hello Axl. How have you been?'

Spider grins and leans back, letting the Class-S hunters reunite...

Brushing back tendrils of gold, Valkyrie glances between X and you, making a face slightly as she feels a tender moment coming on.

Axl stands still for a few awkward moments, fighting off disbelief in favor of near-storming towards X and landing a soft, but not unfeeling punch on the other's shoulder. "You should've -told- me where you were! You don't know the crap I've been through trying to find you!

Spider blinks at Axl. "...How did you excpect him to tell you where he was if he didn't know where -you- were, kid?"

Valkyrie shakes her head again, glancing between Ekkusu and you, seemingly put-off by the scene, her eyes travelling to the west to stare. yeah, trying not to pay attention.

Ekkusu blinks slowly, before continuing his smile, bringing a hand behind his head as he looks over the would be younger reploid as he tries to come up with something.

Ekkusu says 'Well... Axl I've only been here for a few days. I just got here pretty much. How long have you been here?'

Ekkusu he looks genuinely curious, time and dimension were hard concepts to grasp, even for Reploids, and the fact that Axl had been there for.. who knows how long. Spider as well.

Axl bites back a snide retort in Spider's direction, keeping his gaze on X. He starts to voice his answer, but catches himself... how long -has- it been? "...Well, longer than you!" /But... she said he was here before.../

Axl suddenly looks very confused, sparing the others the expression as he looks at the ground again...

Valkyrie pushes herself up and dusts off her thighs and chest, making a face at all the residue building up on her form from the dust and grah in the air.

Ekkusu shakes his head lightly and reaches over to tap Axl's shoulder. He offers a reassuring smile before speaking.

Ekkusu says 'I know I haven't been the greatest friend to you at some points Axl, however in our current situation, I'll be looking forward to your and Spider's wisdom in this area.'

Valkyrie says 'And then it rains. What in the hell is wrong with this world. I'm going to look like a handicapped roll.'

Spider says '...I have wisdom in this area? Since when?'

Valkyrie brings her hands up and tugs her hair around, wringing it out as she shifts around to the other side of the fire, deciding to let the tender moment carry on with the three old friends without her intrusion.

Axl looks up to take in X's reassurance, not noticing his head dropping again soon afterwards. "...Yeah. Sure thing, X." He forces himself to look back up again, trying to give X a smile with some degree of assurance

Spider looks annoyed as his hat starts to get drenched. It doesn't seem to be his old hat... made out of cloth rather than metal, for one.

Ekkusu letting his hand drop from Axl's shoulder, he places his hand on his hip.

Ekkusu says 'Well you are my commanding officer now, and Axl's pretty much my ...senpai.'

Ekkusu sure, that sounds weird.

Coraveda arrives rather suddenly, rushing towards the warmth of the Cosmo Candle to avoid the thick downpour of rain!

Spider looks up at the sound of footsteps, then breaks into a grin. "Lotus-girl!"

Axl doesn't even seem to notice the rain threatening to tame his unruly shock of red hair...

Valkyrie gets plowed into by a girl running in. Because I think it's funny.

Coraveda shrieks hysterically!

Coraveda rolls across the wet floor.


Ekkusu blinks very slowly and looks over to Valkyrie.

Ekkusu says 'You okay?'

Ekkusu offers out his hand to her to help her up.

Spider runs over to Coraveda. "You alright?"

Coraveda quotes 'Valkyrie says 'THOMAS TAP-DANCING LIGHT. WHAT THE HELL?!

Valkyrie reaches up and gr