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Truce - Northern Gate

Spider is currently taking his division through various drills.

Axl discreetly hugs whatever vertical surfaces he can find, though why he's being -that- cautious is confusing once one considers he's in Stealth Mode and can't be seen...

Axl is heading south, for the record, since his mun's so out of it she can't even remember to mention it in the first post! :D

Spider continues to drill the troops... and one of them during a maneuver bumps into the invisible Axl.

Axl stumbles a little off-balance, desperately biting back a curse and regaining his footing in an awkward, but equally unseen manner...

Spider blinks at the stumbling troop member. "What just happened, Private?"

The private looks nervous. "I... I don't know, Colonel Spider! I just backed up and it was like someone was there! Are there ghosts around here?!"

Spider shakes his head. "No ghosts... But there -may- be people with cloaking devices." He glares at the spot where Axl might be.

Axl holds back several more colorful vulgarities and runs a little faster southward...

Spider can now fairly clearly hear the footsteps thanks to the running. He follows and reaches for where Axl's shoulder might be, trying to stop the run.

Axl deftly pulls his shoulder forward and out of the way and makes a break for it, knowing he's more or less caught.

Truce - North Carrefour

Spider chases. "Stop or I -will- fire!"

Axl just goes ahead and makes an eastward turn, completely ignoring the threat. The Copy Chip system sure is getting warm, however...

Truce - Residential Lane

Spider a