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Lumine tells you '*Lumine isn't -talking- much today, but there's an overwhelming feeling of sheer anger and frustration...*'

Axl sighs, rolling his eyes at something unseen.

You tell Lumine 'If you're gonna have another hissy fit, don't vent it on -me-.'

Lumine tells you '...Rrrgh... Shut up, -prototype-! Do you have any idea how much I've just been set back!'

You tell Lumine 'Oh, -there- we go. I was starting to think you'd actually be quiet for once! ...And what do you mean 'set back', anyway? ...Actually, don't tell me, I don't think I -want- to know.'

Lumine tells you '...The copy of myself in Seikou has been deleted.'

You tell Lumine '(how'd -that- happen?) Oh, poor psychotic Lumine... I'm -so- sorry. (maybe i should ask him if he ever comes back)'

Lumine tells you 'Shut up! If I cannot have him, I -will- take you! *full-out mental assault here*'

Axl suddenly lurches violently, stifling a cry of pain, not noticing the pile of clothing(Spider's overalls XD) dropping the ground beside him...

You tell Lumine '...I... don't think so... I won't let... you...'

Lumine tells you 'Hmph