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Spider is settled near the fire, looking bored.

Axl is settled near the fire in like, flat on his back and on the verge of falling alseep.

Coraveda puts her hand on Spider's shoulder (from out of nowhere no less,) and slides her hand down his arm. 'Why are you always here?'

Spider grins up at Cora, but it's not quite his normal lewd grin. It's almost a touch forced-looking. "That way you can find me, cutie~..."

Axl glances boredly at Coraveda, not finding much interest in her and Spider's little lovebird antics...

Spider wraps one arm around Cora. "So, what are you doing tonight...?" He's still not as... smooth as normal.

Bella glances at Cora, her knuckles going white. Yeah, they had a run in, but she says nothing and continues on the search for the fountain that should be here.

Coraveda twitches, then puts her arm around his waist back. 'Trying to stay inside.' And as she makes an almost unnoticable hand motion, a cloud darkens the moonlight spilling inside.

Spider says 'Then head back to the inn...?'

Coraveda says 'But you're not at the inn.'

Spider says '...I have stuff to do, hon. Sorry.'

Axl throws Spider a dangerous look for all of a second...

Bella says 'Neither was the guy you were on the other day.'

Bella beams a smile at Coraveda.

Coraveda twitches repeatedly. 'You're lucky I'm letting you get away with that ~ so Spider ..'

Bella grins, 'Oh? You seemed determined to 'show me up' while you were fawning all over Raitzeno, so I figured I'd point that out. I'm not worried about it, All I wanted from him was dinner.'

Spider seems to not care very much. "Listen, hon, tommorow, alright? Tonight I have stuff to work on."

Coraveda says 'I wasn't fawning all over anybody, I was trying to help get rid of a heinous bitch which apparently didn't work. . . . alright Spider . . .' as she hams up the disappointment in her voice.'

Axl rolls his eyes at the kindling that's certain to start a catfight between the two girls, sitting up and shuffling over to the other side of the fire.

Bella says 'Don't worry, Mister. She'll be sure to find someone to take up her time.'

Bella smiles