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BEdit, short for Base Edit, is an OLC mode available for players to build new rooms within the game, which can be private or public as the builder desires.

This building mode is still in a 'beta' testing state, and so details are liable to change before full implementation.

Creating New Houses

  • show
  • build <direction>
  • build portal

Cost is 5000 + ( area's level x 50 ) gold. Not all areas can be built in. The 'show' command will tell you whether a house can be built, and what the cost will be.

New houses are either created with a sign or portal outside, depending on how the house is linked. The name and description of this item can be freely edited, or it can be hidden, but its long description will always start with [Player Housing].

'dig' and 'create' are synonyms for 'build'.

Expanding Houses

  • show
  • build <direction>

Cost is 500 gold per room for the first 6 rooms, then 500 x (rooms - 5) beyond that. The 'show' command will calculate the cost for you, and show you other information about the room. Please note that all extra rooms are CUMULATIVE, regardless of how many individual houses you own. This means that if you own a home with 5 rooms and a house with 7 rooms, the next room you build for EITHER one of these houses will be at the cost of room #13.

Interior rooms cannot be created with a portal.

Describing Rooms

  • desc
  • name <string>
  • format

Rooms can have their descriptions edited freely. Room titles will always begin with [Player Housing], however.

Describing Signs or Portals

  • entrance show
  • entrance short <string>
  • entrance long <string>
  • entrance name <string>
  • entrance portal
  • entrance hidden
  • exit <direction>

Entrance portals will always have the keyword _portal_Playername. Portals and signs both will always have [Player Housing] at the beginning of their long description.

Changing an entrance sign into a portal or vice-versa will reset its properties and descriptions. You can also hide the object and make it inert, if desired.

The exit command can move a one-way exit from a house into a different direction. Changing the exit back into a normal two-way exit will re-link it to the live world in the appropriate way, if possible.

Extra Descriptions

  • ed add <keyword>
  • ed delete <keyword>
  • ed edit <keyword>
  • ed format <keyword>

Extra descriptions, which are shown when one enters 'look <keyword>' can be added and removed freely.

Deleting Rooms and Houses

  • destroy <direction>
  • destroy portal

Deleting a room refunds half of what it cost to create. For safety, you can't destroy a room that isn't empty of furniture, or that still has exits to other rooms.

Access Lists

  • access show
  • access add <name>
  • access delete <name>

Rooms have one primary owner which cannot be changed, and a list of secondary owners which can be added and removed. Only the primary owner can edit the access list.

The first room of a house has the builder as the primary owner, and no secondary owners. Expansion rooms will have their access list copied from the current room in any case.

Unless a room is private, secondary owners can edit that room and add new ones connected to it.

Private Rooms

  • access private

If a room is set to private, secondary owners can no longer build in it, and players who are not owners cannot enter it at all!

If the main room is made private, this effectively locks the entire house to players not on the access list.

Ejecting Players

  • eject <player>
  • eject self

You can eject a player from any house you own, even if you're not in it.

You can also eject yourself from any house at any time.

Adding and Removing Furniture

  • buy list
  • buy <furniture>
  • sell list
  • sell <reset number>

Furniture costs are in gold. More furniture can be added at any time. Selling furniture refunds 1/4 of its cost. If you would like a specific item placed in the shop for purchase, please let Lilly know, and she will (probably) make it happen. Please note: Purchasing an item installs the RESET for that item in the room, but not the object/mob itself. You must then wait for the object/mob to spawn naturally.

For Immortals: Any object or mob reset into room 32766 will be available for purchase. A mob's cost as furniture is it's 'wealth' stat.

Other Information

  • done

Like other OLC modes, you can leave the editor by typing 'done'.

  • recall

You can freely set your recall point to any room you have building permission in.

  • commands

You can see a list of BEdit commands at any time within the editor.