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Bahamut the Fake
This is all that was left after Deneb had her way with him :(
Age: Ancient
Race: Esper
Status: Magicite (Dead)
Affiliation: The Empire (former leader)

Bahamut the Fake was an ancient esper of enormous power, looking mostly like a huge metallic gray dragon.

He formed The Empire to lay waste to those who would oppose him, starting with Truce. He negotiated a contract with Deneb for her support and to conscript a gaggle of War Witches into his already-formidable army.

After a particularly grueling battle, Deneb attempted to negotiate a cease-fire. Enraged at her apparent cowardice, Bahamut The Fake attacked her, breaking the contract and lead to many people thinking he was transformed into a huge chunk of magicite.

It was later realized that this Bahamut was fake and not the Father of the Eidolons, hence his title. An esper with a great deal of power perhaps, but the true Bahamut rests in the Lunar Subterrane waiting for worthy adventurers to test.