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Camory "Falling Star"
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Age: 22
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: War Witches

Fierce personal rival of Coraveda and a former General of The Empire over Deneb's War Witches. A versatile red mage / archer.

Skills and Spells

ENCHANTED SOUL - This arrow is comprised of an actual soul, and carries the power to "dispel magic" among others.

GOSSAMER THREAD - When fired, this arrow dissolves into sticky nets of iridescent silk.

BLACKVENOM FANG - Paralyzes the peripheral nervous system, disabling all movement but leaving senses intact.

SMOLDERING DART - Wounds caused by this arrow can only be healed by cauterization or open flame.

FALLING STAR - Her signature attack fires an arrow which violently explodes on impact.