Chocobo Forest

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Chocobo Forest
Wark Wark
Source: Final Fantasy IX
Builder: Ademisk
Level Range: 26-30
Linked: Yes

Chocobo Forest is a forest that surprisingly contains Chocobos.


Chocobo Forest is known for having lots of very small and vastly differing biomes, right in close proximity to one another. This is probably what drew all sorts of Chocobos to live in this area. Legends tell of treasures hidden throughout the forest, but this is probably idle speculation.


Chocobo Forest is located to the east of Wutai, at the end of the winding cliffside road.


As one might presume, many chocobos live here.

Law, Government and Politics

Though claimed by Wutai, Chocobo Forest is mostly kept as a nature preserve. Visitors staying at Kett's Rooms often take a hike out there for the purposes of eco-tourism. The only long-term inhabitants are the local Chocobo Breeder and Mene the Moogle, who both watch over the area.


A renowned moogle explorer once left the forest for Wutai as he thought over his activities for the day:

- I talked to the friend of a Chocobo, kupo!

- And I discovered the truth behind the legend!

- I also dislodged an obstruction.

- And finished that stupid fetch quest, kupo kupo!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi was preparing some pasta in the forest when a crazy bird stole his peppers! Mamma mia!"