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A Clan Hall is a structure (or sometimes set of structures) that a guild or clan are entitled to as part of their official presence within the Cleft of Dimensions. This entitlement does not come without monetary cost, of course, but these fixtures are often very grand and accommodating, considering they are designed for multiple people. Clan Halls can be compared to Player Houses that multiple people are allowed to visit, but the biggest difference lies in the fact that amenity availability is much greater (and pricier, as well) than standard homes. Anyone in a Clan is able to pitch in for the prices of these purchases, and considering how expensive some of them are, it may well be a requirement.

Clan Halls are, by default, only available to members of that specific Clan. Any entrance to the Clan Hall will be set with a blocker to prevent non-Clan members from gaining access, and Clan members are discouraged from summoning non-Clan members into the premises for unfair gain or use of their establishment (visits are often fine, but allowing them to use the commodities [such as shops] are generally frowned upon).


Initial purchase of a Clan Hall is three (3) Immortal Tokens and 10000 gold. This will buy three (3) rooms and one (1) piece of basic furniture per room; this is ultimately the simple 'startup fee' for creating a Clan Hall. From there, the following are current available purchases that can be made regarding a Clan Hall:

Item/NPC Gold Description
Extra Rooms 10000+2000(RoomCnt-3) gold
4+(RoomCnt-3) Restrings
Extra rooms may be purchased beyond the initial three. First room is 12000g + 5 Restrings, and increases by 2000g and 1 Restring for each subsequent.
Door Lock 500g Locks one door or object; see below for key price to use with locks. May be be used for group or personal needs.
Clan Keys 1000 gold (single)/5000 gold (Clan set)
1 Restring/3 Restrings
Create keys for a member or everyone in the Clan to access locked doors/objects within the Hall.
Location Preserver 15000g Allows a Clan member to set his or her recall point to the current room this mob is in.
a Painting of [enter town here] 30000g Portal that leads to a town (Rank 1 & 2) Cost is flat, regardless of portal or Clan Hall location.
Mr. Moit 20000g Turban Matango shopkeeper
a Moogle Maid 10000g "Cleans" your Clan Hall, recovers your HP and MP.
a Servbot Helper 30000g Casts "Recharge" on items given to it
Can also be set to cast "Phlogiston" on lights given to it
Can be set to do both for 50000g
a training dummy 15000 gold
2 Restrings
Beat it up, has about 5000 HP, hyper-resist to weapon and magic.
a clan pet 4000 gold
1 Restring
A custom, interactable mob that remains at the clan hall. Provides no tangible benefit.
secret exits 5000 gold
1 Restring
Custom ways to open/reveal exits (ex: turn statue head to slide open bookshelf).
a pokeball vending machine 50000 gold
3 Restrings
Sells pokeballs with pets inside, only for Clan use (max of 8 pets per machine).
Fountain 25000g Infinite source of specific liquid.
Furniture 2000g Immobile objects of any kind that remain in a room.
Banker 50000 gold
Req. Clan Hall size of 5+ Rooms
The Clan's own banker!
Healer 50000 gold
Req. Clan Hall size of 5+ Rooms
The Clan's own personal healer! (Fees still apply)
Necromancer 50000 gold
2 Restrings
Req. Clan Hall size of 5+ Rooms
Because sometimes the Clan doesn't need their shame showing up in a public morgue.
Requires own room.
Mana Orchard Treant 75000 gold
5 Restrings
Req. Clan Hall size of 6+ Rooms
Sentient tree infused with Mana that will consume seeds and bear fruit/vegetables from them.
Requires 'outside'-type room.
Cooking Station 75000 gold
1 Imm Token
Includes an array of kitchenware needed to prepare lots of yummy recipes! (Note: Food not included)
Requires 'inside'-type room.
Krak Pot 75000 gold
1 Imm Token
A decorative, sentient iron pot with knack for alchemical knowledge.
Polychromatic Crystal 100000 gold
2 Imm Tokens
A splendorous, multi-hued crystal that bestows a buff based on the current day.
Custom Portal 50000 gold
2 Imm Tokens
A customized portal that can take you anywhere in the Cleft, with some exceptions.
No locations beyond quest/level/item-required mobs (i.e Dancing Goddess' Altar, Lunar Subterrane, Goa, etc.)
Portal will have a level requirement of (MinAreaLv - 10).
A Cow 5000 gold
Req. House Size of 5+ Rooms
A domesticated farm animal that will occasionally produce milk when properly fed.
Requires 'outside'-type room.
A Cucco 5000 gold
Req. House Size of 5+ Rooms
A feathered farm animal that will occasionally produce eggs when properly fed.
Requires 'outside'-type room.
A Locker 30000g A place for no-loss storage of items.
See 'locker' helpfile in-game for details.
A Combat Simulation Room 75000 gold
2 Imm Tokens
A holographic projector in this room will allow you to re-fight mobs of the Cleft of Dimensions at your leisure. Some mobs may be unavailable if their programming becomes unstable due to being fought outside of their specific room, and all mobs will be given immunity to charm. Mobs defeated in this simulation will not yield any gold or item rewards. Cost is per-mob: Regular Mobs = 50g*Lvl ... Boss Mobs = 100g*Lvl This purchase requires a new room entirely devoted to this purchase and nothing else, and the cost of the room's customization is included in the purchase price.
Inventory-to-Furniture Conversion (Varying Gold)
3 Restrings
Players may 'convert' an item in their inventory to a piece of furniture in their clan hall that (usually) will perform the same function as it did while being carried/used. Exceptions apply and gold cost is on a per-item basis, so ask Lilly for specific item qualifications and costs.
a Homelink Transporter 40000 gold
3 Restrings
Transfers the user to his or her Player House, if they have one.
a Recall Rerouter 10000g Transfers the user to his or her recall point
  • Notes on some items:
    • Objects may be customized from their default at an added cost of 2500g + 1 Restring.
    • Mobs may be customized from their default at an added cost of 15000g + 3 Restrings. This includes custom pets for Vending Machine purchase (See below).
    • Shopkeep purchase does not include items. Cost of stocking items is 30g*ItemLvl for common items, and 100g*ItemLevel for exotic items. Restrictions apply and are at Immortal discretion. Custom items may be designed for purchase, information on this is still being worked on.
    • Pet vending machines do not include pets. Cost of stocking pets is 100g*MobLvl, and some restrictions apply. Custom pets may be created and added for purchase, and the cost of customization is in ADDITION to the 100*MobLvl cost. Cost of purchase of pet from vendor itself is 5*MobLvl.
    • Cookbooks and Alchenomicons are not available for Clan purchase. Purchase of Cooking Station and Krak-Pot for Clan Hall are for local use regarding those who already own the books in their own Player House.

This page is a work-in-progress, so new things will be added as they come to light!