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Eudika Rasmaria
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Age: 13
Race: Jumi
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Gypsy Rose

Eudika, a young girl, has been unfortunate enough to find a cursed shield called the Jade Eye. It is eternally bound to her arm, and binds her soul with Dhaorahn's. They are never found apart. Dhaorahn, charged with protection of this young girl, uses his shape-changing powers to ensure others are safe from Eudika... and that Eudika is safe from herself.

Born into a common family, Eudika had an uncommon mischievious side. She could not stop poking around and looking for adventure. She found it in the form of the carnival that had come to town; she volunteered for the magician's vanishing act. Not knowing where she had vanished to, she awoke in the Cleft with an odd shield permanently strapped to her arm and a glittering emerald embedded in her chest.

She soon found that her relationship with this shield was tortuous at best. Although it gave her the power to see a short distance into the future or past, it would abruptly expel destructive magics at the most inconvenient of moments. It was not long before the poor, lost girl had gotten herself into all kinds of trouble over her volatile equipment.

However, there was one man she met whose presence instantly seemed to quell the rage burning within the Jade Eye. He, too, was a lost wanderer, and had a similar gemstone inside of him. She didn't know why, but she felt as though she had always known him...

Skills, Spells and abilities

Backfire - Whenever Eudika uses her shield's powers, for a short amount of time afterward it has a chance to spit out a random spell with no warning (it's awfully fond of fireball).

Spirit Sight - Eudika can usually sense the presence of and see the location of nearby spirits and ethereal beings.

Future Sight - Usually just for show, as it reveals only the tiniest glimpse of random and probably pointless events, and gives her the backfire effect.

Channeling - Speaking with the dead through her shield, the tiny channeler can be possessed by a powerful spirit to fight. She can even transfer one into Dhaorahn if they act in unison.

Combined with Dhaorahn:

Dino Duo - Eudika is possessed by the spirit of Azala, and Dhaorahn shifts into the monstrous Nizbel.

Terror of the Desert - Eudika was possessed by Bijou and, in an unwise move, split Dhaorahn into two forms - the ninjas Bill and Ben.

Eudika and Dhaorahn are currently in search of the Rosiers, under orders from Coraveda. Eudika is the temporary bearer of the Ripping Rose gloves, while Dhaorahn similarly holds the Druidic Key.