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A Faithful Companion is a special kind of pet that can be attuned and customized much further than a normal pet. Most notably, a Faithful Companion is able to level equally alongside the player, and if programmed to do so, can gain stat upgrades and new skills as it levels up, similar to a player. The aspects of this kind of pet are 100% in the hands of the player who desires one, and as such, minimal assistance can be offered by the builder/programmer (in this case, Lilly). However, there are several guidelines that should be followed to help get a better idea of what can/should be done:

  • Str (for weight capacity increase and Damroll bonus) and Dex (for AC bonus and item count capacity increase) are the only core stats that affect pets. All others will not grant any bonuses whatsoever. At level 1, both stats start at 13. At max level, they can go no higher (not including bonuses given by worn equipment) than 18 each. The spread from 13 to 18 over 100 levels is entirely up to the player.

  • HP and Mana will start at 100 each, at level 1. HP can go no higher than 900 at level 50; Mana can go no higher than 500 at level 50. HP will max out at 1800 at level 100, and Mana will max out at 1000. These numbers do not include bonuses given by equipment. The spread for HP from 100 to 900 to 1800 and Mana from 100 to 500 to 1000 is entirely up to the player.

  • AC starts at 100% at level 1 and, outside of adjustments made at the VERY BEGINNING (Level 1), will have to be maintained by equipment. There is no method to adjust/change AC via mobprogs.

  • Pets' attack levels are on par with 'normal' mobs of their level. If no weapon slot is given to the pet, an 'automatic' fixed (no-uncurse and no-remove) weapon will be given that will simulate damage growth (increasing every 5 levels or so), starting with similarities to a Green Imp at Level 1, to approximately a Debugger at Level 100. If a weapon slot IS allowed by a pet, their damage will be dependent on what they are given (as inherent mob damage, outside of bonus Damroll, is ignored when wielding a weapon).

  • Spells that a mob casts are cast at 2x the normal Mana cost for players. Skills, having no mana cost, will be given a universal cooldown, the length of which is based upon the skill itself. While in cooldown, no skills may be used. A message that the pet may give when a skill is attempted while cooling down, and a message that is given then the cooldown wears off is subject to the player's creativity, and neither are required if not preferred.

  • Spells, skills and other special abilities (whether auto-fired in combat or activated via verbal commands) may be "learned" by a pet a minimum of every 5 levels. This means that, assuming a player hugged the minimum absolutely, a pet can learn a maximum of 20 skills/spells/abilities. Regarding spells/abilities/skills that trigger automatically in combat, know that only ONE will potentially fire off in a single combat round at a time, which means the higher your skill pool, the less likely it will be that an individual skill will trigger during any combat round.

  • Pets are, by default, bare in their inherent functionality. They will attack once per round (unless a piece of gear allows for more), have no offensive behaviors, no affects, and no resistances or vulnerabilities. These 'extras' may be granted through exchange of stats, spell/skill/ability 'slots', or hampered mob functionality. Increases to base stats may also be afforded in this same way. Examples include setting a mob to passive (no auto-attack) in exchange for increased HP/Mana/AC, trading two spell/skill/ability 'slots' to grant a mob the Float affect, etc. Specific exchange rates will need to be discussed with Lilly, as they are too numerous to be listed here.

  • Spell/Skill/Ability 'slots' refer to the number of spell/skill/ability 'acquisitions' a pet may learn from 1 to 100 (see above). For example, this means that exchanging 2 'slots' for the Float affect means that your pet will then be able to learn 18 spells/skills/abilities from 1 to 100 instead of 20. Different allowances will cost different amounts of skill 'slots' in this way, and other stats may be exchanged instead, as well. Ask Lilly for specifics.

  • Pets will always match your level. As soon as you gain a level, so do they. If you are able to equip something based on level, assume that they can, as well (if they have the appropriate wear-slots to do so, anyway).

  • There MUST be a gap of at least 1 level between the levels where the pet gains something (stats, skills, etc.) Use of a mobprog-sensitive token is utilized to simulate these gains as the pet levels up, and there needs to be an empty spot between these gains where the mob can remove said token to prepare for subsequent gains. Basically, this means you can only provide gains to your pet at LEAST on every OTHER level (though the minimum of 5 levels between obtained skills/spells/abilities still applies).

  • On levels where the pet gains stat increases (Str/Dex/HP/Mana/Magroll/etc.), in order to apply these correctly, ALL EQUIPMENT WILL BE REMOVED when the pet levels up at this time. An automatic 'wear all' command can be reapplied at this time within the program, or the master may chose to leave the gear unequipped and re-equip them manually.

  • Lilly reserves the right to restrict any pet setup if any combination of requests/features appear to be game-breaking in any nature.

Any questions about any aspect or concept should be deferred to Lilly. This is an extremely customized feature of Player Housing, and there are no dumb questions or concerns. Just ask!

Example Pet


+Passive (No auto-attacks)

+Forced Fallback (Can't be forced to take the frontline in battle)

-6 Skill/Spell/Ability slots

-'Feet' EQ slot

Benefits (Respective to above Detriments):

+300 Max HP, +700 Max Mana (All spread out over 100 levels), -10 AC

+100 Max HP, +100 Max Mana, +5 Magroll (All spread out over 100 levels), Choice of RES:Weapon or RES:Magic

+Adept, +Dodge, +Flying flags

+RES:Wood, RES:Poison

End Format:

Level 1: Str 13, Dex 13, 100 Max HP, 100 Max Mana, RES:Magic, RES:Wood, RES:Poison, -10 AC, Adept (100% efficiency in spellcasting), Dodge, Flying

Level 50: Str 15, Dex 15, 1100 Max HP, 900 Max Mana, +2 Magroll, 7 Skills/Abilities/Spells learned

Level 100: Str 18, Dex 18, 2200 Max HP, 1800 Max Mana, +5 Magroll, 14 Skills/Abilities/Spells learned

Pet-Unique Commands:

Talk to pet - Gives master a list of commands and their activation phrases

Point at person - Pet targets person and remembers them (for using skills/spells/abilities on person instead of master)

Combat: Fallback to master every round, remember enemy every round (for no-hassle skill/spell/ability targeting)

Speech "Ikou!" (Combat): Required 'primer' activation to use special, powerful abilities; only achievable after combat has gone on for at least 30 rounds


'Wildflower' - Petal Burst spell (300 Mana)

'Mirror Eye' - Reflect spell (64 Mana)

'Aura' - Esuna spell (200 Mana)

'Heal Light' - Mend spell (24 Mana)

'Holy Light' - Rejuvenation spell (240 Mana)

'Lucid Barrier' - Protect spell (24 Mana)


'Mokuhyou' - Generates status ailments on certain subsequently-used abilities that deal damage; lasts for 5 minutes (500 Mana)

'Raijinken' - 1x hit for weapon damage, 1x hit for electric damage; elemental damage increases every 10 levels; uses master's stats for damage, but pet's mana (120 Mana)

'Maou Engekiha' - 2x hit for fire damage; elemental damage increases every 10 levels (140 Mana)

'Souhajin' - 1x hit for energy damage; elemental damage increases for every 5 levels (60 Mana)

'Souhajin Souga' - 2x hit for energy damage; elemental damage increases every 5 levels (140 Mana)

'Shishisenkou' - 1x hit for weapon damage, 1x hit for energy damage; elemental damage increases every 10 levels; 50% chance to inflict 'Daze' (180 Mana)

'Kuukan Shouten'i' - 5x hit for weapon damage, drains all pet's mana after use; requires 'primer' activation, inflicts 'Daze' on target (1050 Mana)

'Tenshi no Kyoufu' - 4x hit for weapon damage, 1x hit for holy damage, 1x hit for energy damage, drains all pet's mana after use and inflicts 'Daze on master, casts 'Mend' on party and 'Osmosis' on enemy (1500 Mana)