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Age: N/A
Race: Fey
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Lunatic Fringe

Kaze was a faerie moogle from a far off land. He loved exploring and getting his nose into things until he stumbled onto a book. He loved exploring stories snf far off lands, especially, so he hopped right in. This turned out to be less of a good idea than normal, is it was a magical book, you see: a grimoire of spells designed to banish things to the Cleft of Dimension.

Since then, he's been waking up to find himself in a number of different forms, somewhat chaotically. Any time he makes enough progress that he starts looking to secure his exit from this nightmare realm, he find himself reverted to a weaker form.

The process has converted him from a cheery, if mischievous, figure to something far less typically fey and more somber.