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'''[[Area_of_the_Month | Area of the Month]]'''
'''[[Area_of_the_Month | Area of the Month]]'''
The Area of the Month for November 2018 is the [[November_2018:_Rabite_Forest|Rabite Forest]]!
The Area of the Month for December 2018 is the [[December_2018:_R-Y_Factory_Ruins|R-Y Factory Ruins]]!
Located just west of [[Truce]], the Rabite Forest is a starting zone for those new adventurers in Truce. Comb the green
Wandering around the [[Sulfataska Range|Sulfataska mountain range]] is a professor seeking an adventurer's assistance in exploring a [[R-Y_Factory_Ruins|ruin]]. Give him a hand,  
scenery, murder innocent(but full of xp!) wildlife, and give a review and claim your restring for use in your [[Player_Housing|house!]]
give us a review, and claim your restring for use in your [[Player_Housing|house!]]

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Area of the Month

The Area of the Month for December 2018 is the R-Y Factory Ruins!

Wandering around the Sulfataska mountain range is a professor seeking an adventurer's assistance in exploring a ruin. Give him a hand, give us a review, and claim your restring for use in your house!

I think we drink virgin blood because it sounds cool

The Vampire is a class available to members of any base class, which focuses on stealing skills and spells from the blood of monsters. By using their bloodsuck ability with training the blue magic skill, a knowledgeable and adventurous vampire may accumulate new spells and skills to use temporarily, making them into an ever-changing hybrid class, while still retaining the use of their base class's skills.

One may only evolve into a vampire with a secret ritual involving blood...

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