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Musanim "Avenging Talon" Vitalus
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Age: 23
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None

A young man who wants nothing more than to protect those he loves. He is rather tall and imposing, and knows how to use intimidation to avoid unneccesary violence. He seems to have an uncanny perception for auras and the supernatural.

He carries a whip which seems to have some emotional significance to him. He uses it with great skill and it appears quite old, so it is reasonable to assume he's had the thing for a very long time.

He first appeared somewhere in the Veldt, where he befriended a Behemoth. His first encounter with other Cleft dwellers seems to have been when he rode said Behemoth - which bore the amusingly uncharacteristic name of Sniffles - into town one day, where he managed to meet up with Coraveda. It was quite evident that the two know each other, as he was very protective of the dancer.

Musanim is able to communicate with beasts, and influence or outright command those of lesser intelligence. He also seems to have unexpected effects on the more intelligent variety of beasts.

More information about him will be revealed as his story unfolds, with Coraveda's help...

Skills and Spells

Skills revealed so far:

-Chameleon Skin: Given preparation time, Musanim is able to completely change the color of his skin and, to a lesser degree, his clothing to blend in with his surroundings.

-Bear Claw: No, not the pastry. His arm transforms into a huge bear's paw, allowing him to slam it into things with powerful force and a mean set of ripping claws.

-Leapfrog: It's a little creepy, but Musanim can leap tall buildings in a single bound - by changing his legs into those of a frog. His long pants and boots cover up the change, but there's no mistaking his legs bending completely the wrong way.

-Armadillo Armor: His skin becomes crusty and turns into an armadillo's shell, causing his back to bulge in a rather obvious manner. This is used both defensively, as armor, and offensively, to roll over small opponents.