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Staff Meeting 1-3-2018

To start the new year off right, the staff of the Cleft had a general-purpose meeting on the 3rd. What follows is a rough outline of the points that were discussed.
This list is not exhaustive. Several things were discussed in varying amounts of detail; but were either decided against for the time being, or simply shelved for further discussion at a later time.

Finalizing Immortal Positions

  • MTS (MIA), Benamas, Ageatii, and Lilly are top of the chain.
  • Funslash is Liaison/General Support; Shamaster is head of RP.
  • Cooper, Puffleton, and Odwofi are Builders of various ranks.

General Game Health

  • None of the recently discussed new classes are slated to be added in the near future.
  • In regards to current classes, we are intending to make a pass on their playability, starting by continuing the tweaks to Thief.
  • We are also planning to make some changes to a few Stat benefits, namely to Con and Wis. Hitroll is also slated to be tweaked.
  • Several Quality-of-Life tweaks in regards to Score and item readouts are also being worked on.
  • Reminder: Please keep in mind that we do not have a 'test server' in regards to game play/balance changes. As a result, all 'testing'
needs to be done on live. Therefore player feedback is quite critical in order to assist us in making the proper adjustments. Please bear
with us as we gather as much feedback as possible with these changes.


  • Ageatii laid out the plans for Shadmire in rough detail and asked the Builders to start leaning towards new areas that would fit the theme.
  • No current 'lock' on new Areas in Guardia or Fa'Diel, however they will have to properly fit the established themes of the continents.
  • Look forward to a few areas being re-linked in different ways as Shadmire fills out(Expellian and Sunsnug, for example).

This meeting pretty much ran the gauntlet on what was discussed, and despite several of us taking our own notes during the meeting I'm quite sure that this
list is missing a few things.
If anyone, player or staff, have a concern that they think needs to be addressed in another meeting; or just a question about anything, drop me a tell or note!