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Truce Canyon

March 7 of the year 323

Jinn's Day

After the formation of the Chosen, and a haunting story told by a little hylian girl that he did not care to repeat, Pears decided that it was time to see if his training these past few months would be enough to confront the menace he feared was coming.

Wanting to leave nothing to chance, he decided to put a little extra work into his training this time around. He bid farewell to his new friends and allies and headed north, out of Truce and past the imps. Thinking of the canyon as a warm up, Pears stealthily crossed with out even so much as a single imp or roly ever thinking there was someone passing through. Pleased with the results, Pears moved on.

Passing through a almost hidden narrow passage, Pears pressed on northward to Cosmo Canyon, where he stopped for a brief while in the village to rest up and speak with the villagers.

After resting up a bit, and finding that this really was an out-of-touch village, Pears headed northwest, up towards the mountains and hopefully in search of more training.

After a few hours of climbing, he made it to the village known as Mandala. As he walked through the village, he was constantly studying some shards he had found on the mountain path. They were mostly black and seem to give off a faint glow.

He happened to walk south into the house of a local blacksmith. Seeing something in front of him start to glow, Pears looked up to see the hammer in the hands of the blacksmith, known as Watts, glowing.

"Woah! Whats going on here?"

Looking at his shards Pears noticed they were reacting in sync with the hammer. It appeared Watts noticed as well, since he took the shards from Pears and immediately started working working on them.

Scratching his head, Pears spoke up. "What are those anyway?"

Watts had just finished about that time, in a ruckus of metal hammering and a flash of mana. He held up the true form of the shards, a statue of a pair of black wings surrounding a big eye in the center.

"That still doesn't answer my question." Pears stated.

"This here statue is made of the same stuff as those mana weapons I forged a while back. But its no weapon at all. I don't know what it could be for. All I know is that that creature I'm holding is the Mana Spirit Shade."

Watts handed Pears the newly made statue and said goodbye as the reploid promptly turned about and left. Pears went outin search of room and boarding, as it was getting late. After finding a place to stay at the local temple, Pears sat and gathered his thoughts. "A mana statue, eh?"

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