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Age: 17
Race: Reploid
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Currently, none

Treyl is a wandering Reploid with one goal in life: to become a master chef. Unfortunately, Reploids can't taste food, so she has no idea how her food tastes and is well aware that this could lead to catastrophic culinary disasters, and she also thinks half the fun of being a chef would be being able to taste your creations. For this purpose, her current objective seems to be to search for Rosiers so she can wish for taste, or to become human. However, she's currently not nearly strong enough to do anything like that as of yet.


Before she fell into the Cleft of Dimensions, Treyl was a scavenging Reploid, made for the purpose of gathering food for a restaurant. Normally, she'd go out and search natural areas for berries and other natural goodies, but she'd also be tasked with grocery shopping and the like. Her combat abilities are below average for a Reploid because of this, but her acquired skills for scavenging and looting made the life of a Thief a natural fit for her. Of course, seeing the chefs at the restaurant cooking all the time made her wish she could do it as well. She loved to see the smiles brought onto the faces of customers from the food made with her scavenged goods.


Treyl loves to give the things she's found to others, but she's not above stealing from other people if it benefits her. If asked nicely, she'll likely give back any stolen object, as well. Courtesy goes a long way with her. She's not an overly serious person, and tends to be rather laid back. Perhaps this is why she's not afraid to use her sticky fingers.

She loves moogles, and is quite likely to tackle and cuddle them inconsiderately.