A Prophetic Vision, Spoken Out Loud

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Year 250

The voice of the unknown breathes air, and brings forth thought into existence:

"Time has changed, and the world has moved on. The races that once were, are no longer what they seem to be. It has been painful, to change, to adapt, to forget. The seas cry out in pain, so vivid is their sorrow that this dimension trembles under its burdening weight. The tides have turned and have run low, and the once blue water has darkened and lost all sense of life - only to recede farther away from the dry lands, whose thirst has only worsened, bringing forth harsh conditions onto those so most unfortunate.

Change has gone unnoticed, and ignorance has claimed its victims. Those who have turned their head away from this turmoil, have fallen into peril. And soon, the mourning seas will call out to the wind - who, with its empathy, will tap into this growing agony and bring forth its temper in a rage of storms and hurricanes. The wind will soon call upon the earth and its comforting embrace, and then the world shall part, kingdoms will fall, and hope shall plummet.

An insatiable fire will consume all of the Cleft, as its burning vengeance would be called on upon by the breaking earth, who shall hunger only for revenge. For this is the future that the threads have shown, though they have yet to be woven into the pattern of reality, space and time. Future can change, yet a fear grows that it shall not, and despair has begun to linger into the hearts of many. There will be no time left, and a blanket of death will cover all of the Cleft."

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