A Realization, Foreseen and Spoken Out Loud

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Year 299

The world has turned and continues to change. From this change, the thoughts of one come to life, echoing in the four winds.

"From the days of the pitch black void, to the time of the ever bright sun, the world has seen much happen, perhaps too much.

Its misery is going to be heard, listened to, and understood. A story will be woven from it, and the tendrils of existence will lend a part in its designing.

Those of apathy and those of passion will be forced to come together, and from this union much will happen. For all will hear the crying of the world, and all will seek out its source and inquire. That is how it will end.

For upon asking the world about its misery, it will ensnare your senses and imprison your mind. The world will speak truth, and all who hear it will be shattered.

The story of the world will be told, and all who hear it will experience a thousand storms, the brightest of lights in a single spark, the creation of existence in a single breath, and the death of all whom they hold dear.

There will be no escape, and there will be no ending, or a sense of relief. No, after all this there will be only a sense of yearning, for the hearts of all will be flooded with an insatiable soul.

There will be no escape, or solution, only change. For now, the period of living has ended, and the time of survival has come to be."

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