Book of Brews

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It came to pass in the year 350 in the month of April, on the first Day of Undine, as I was among the barflies in Truce, that the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God.

And I looked, and, behold, a pink blob entered the bar, wearing denim pants and hat, and a halo was about Him.

And He said unto me, Son of steel, sit upon thy barstool, and I will bestow the next round unto thee.

And God gave unto the bartender three gold, and the bartender gave unto me beer, and I drank unto myself.

The land of chocolate treestumps and the sea of ethanol await the devout, thus saith God.

Taxes have brought poverty to Me, and it will come to pass that I bring beer to the devout who offer Me gold, thus saith God.

Thus I came to the banker at Truce, and to Skyjack, and we offered money unto God, and drank of beer, and it was good.

Then the Spirit entered unto Skyjack, and he beheld a vision of the ethanol sea. And to it we journeyed, amidst the trees growing out of treestumps.

He that heareth, let him hear. Thou shalt drink beer beyond measure from the lord our God, who shall stay Sobriety's hand.

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