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The Cleft of Dimensions is constantly being updated, poked, prodded, and tweaked. To keep everyone informed of the various changes, the Immortals semi-regularly post Change Notes in-game. This page will copy those notes as well.

Changes 6-1-2013

  • Non-elemental Wizards now conjure acoustic elementals instead of eclipse elementals.
  • Lockers now available for use in Truce and Viorar banks, and for purchase in player housing.
  • Faron Woods is now linked north of Zigolis Swamp!

For Builders:

  • New spells: Doom Reverb, Sonic Boom, Vitriol, Firebreath, Gastro Acid, Influenza, Skylight, Grease( Influenza and Grease are castable but have no effect yet).
  • New affect flag AFF_INFLUENZA replaces AFF_SLEEP -- will cause regen-damaging debuffs but doesn't do that yet.
  • Races list is prettier when remorting.
  • Fixed a few typoes in spell echos.
  • Enchant Weapon no longer strips affects from weapons.


Changes 5-4-2013

  • Final Weapon now has no weather at all (always 0/0 sky/wind).
  • 'Report Defense' now shows saves.
  • No more buggy double output on prompt option %O

For Builders:

  • new mob act2 flag ACT_SHOPKEEPITEMS -- shopkeeper won't discard bought items from inventory over time.
  • new area exflag noweather -- entire area is disconnected from weather grid, always has 0/0 weather, weather command fails.
  • mobs can have Saves set per template - the ACT_MAGE flag still drops an extra -5 on top of this though.
  • new mobprog command 'mob hit' -- mob executes an additional melee attack.
  • replaced many many instances of 'mob goto self/mob kill $n' with 'mob hit $n'.
  • Perma-haste on no longer raises mobs' Dexterity stat.
  • Perma-Protect Good/Evil no longer improves a mob's saves by -1 each.


Changes 5-1-2013

  • Midas Glow creates coins of caster level (the better to use for Fulgor Burst.)
  • Nochk artifice items can no longer raise the artifice skill.
  • - You can send/receive tells while asleep.

For Builders:

  • Immortals don't always automatically have 100% in every skill anymore.
  • new item extra flag 'decaying' -- item loses 1 condition per minute, then disintegrates (replaces defunct 'hadtimer' flag).


Changes 4-14-2013

  • Wizards now receive the Detect Magic spell at level 10.
  • Conjure Elemental now makes followers, not pets:
  • you can have more than one elemental.
  • you can have a pet AND an elemental.
  • 'if vuln' check always returned false -- now works correctly:
  • Phendrana's boss now works right.
  • Katarina's Granbull is now nastier to fight (as intended).
  • 'wandify' command added (uses staffify skill).
  • 'mob petify' now respects group size and charmie limits.
  • the Slow affect no longer penalizes HP and MP regen (but still penalizes MV regen).
  • Hylian Fencing helpfile amended -- it works when OPPONENT parries (code was correct).


Area Changes 3-16-2013

  • Mt. Nibelheim has been revised.
  • A new line of pets are in and accessible.
  • Some junk has been scattered across the Cleft.
  • A new raid boss has been added.
  • Forde has a new minor quest for people level 30+.
  • Brigantes' questlist has been cleaned up.


Changes 2-13-2013

  • it is no longer possible to exceed carrying capacity via money.
  • gold and silver have 1/4th the weight.
  • autosplit is now permanently on, and splitting text is simplified.
  • offensive (kill imp) and defensive (cast barrier imp) actions preferentially target valid enemies and groupmates, respectively.
  • 'echomagic' skill added, which Sorcerers get at level 40.
  • only innateless Sorcerers get Tractor Beam, which replaces Halo.
  • surecasting's level reduced to 30.
  • saves vs. Beguile ignores target's level.
  • audiences no longer shrink when skills of incorrect mood are used.
  • 'karma' skill added (for future use by Surgeons?).
  • fixed bug where closed containers couldn't be picked up from the ground.
  • healing spells show restored health to 3rd parties.
  • players can now idle out of password input, MOTD, & character creation.
  • fixed an issue where pets could login without their masters.
  • 'affects' has simpler output for "locationless" affects (e.g. regen, risk).
  • syntax such as 'sit down' and 'lie down on bed' work.

For Builders:

  • fixed an issue where all "flag" ifchecks returned true if flag not found.
  • $y now returns mob's full name in quotes (like all other name variables).