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The information below is outdated and was used by a staff member who no longer works on the MUD. I'm not going to delete it because it's not bad information and someone might use it sometime, but do not base your RP intentions on it. If you are interested in RP, ask about it on OOC or through a note in-game to get in touch with the current RP crowd, they will walk you through everything and help you to settle in. - Dusk

Character Applications may be necessary to participate in staff-run world RP events. Below is a template you can use. Applications are necessary so that the staff running the event can get a good understanding of your character, and to prevent grossly overpowered or uninteresting characters from participating in epic events.

Please email all of your applications to The application will not be made public to the RP community at large, and exists only to help the staff understand your character in order to incorporate them usefully into large-scale events.

Character Application


RP Experience: Tell us if you've RPed before, here or elsewhere. This helps us know if you have good RP manners and how much attention to lavish upon you.

Canon Knowledge of Source Material: Have you played the game/read the book/seen the anime you're working from, or are you working from character profiles on GameFAQs or something? If you are applying to play an original character, then ignore this completely!

Your Character

Character Name:

Special powers?: Can he stop time? Blow up the world? If it's anything particularly extravagant, we will need to clarify origins, limits, and so forth.

History: What has the character's life has been like? If you have an elaborate backstory, share it here. Please be detailed and in-depth. If your character is not native to the Cleft, how did they get there?

Personality: How does your character act? What are their motives?

Appearance: What will go in your characters description? Image links are cheating and may cause an instant rejection.

Sample World Note: This can be short and sweet, only a few lines are necessary. This can help flesh out your character's backstory, and give us some idea of your writing style.

Special Abilities Application

If you have a character with a particularly special ability already in play, a staff member needs to oversee one of your RP scenes and approve of it before you can use it in world RP events. If not, fill out the application!

Your Character

Character Name:

Special Abilities?: Is she a telepath? Can they catch glimpses of the future? Do they have wings? Please describe it here as well as its limits; How long can they fly? How fast? etc

Origins of this Special Ability/Feature/Quirk: Where did they gain this? How?

Notes: Anything else you'd like us to know? What does it add to them as a character? Why do they get to be more powerful than everyone else's character?