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The Town of Truce

February 23 of the year 323

Mana Holy Day

Mmmm... this place, this world, is a testament to Chaos in its purest form. My time in the tower archives of Hyrule pales in comparison to what may be learned here... a fact which itself has implications, but I'll let them aside for now. Within walking distance of the city one can find farmland, forests, rocky canyons, rivers, waterfalls, not to mention such a variety of creatures as to boggle the mind. And still there is more to see, as though i were walking on the Event Edge itself... a dangerous potential, that.

More than ever, i can feel forces at work around me... as though a sensitivity is developing within me, as a guide. Some creatures seem fated to die, whisps of their blood tainting the air around them... and as such, I the only too-convenient agent of Fate, pulled from the Chaos to be their executioner. Yet in contrast, others seem warmly alive - thusly these tainted creatures must all feel Chaos' force, to see if Fate will save them from my whip.

I feel that I am right, and have been rewarded for my action: my soul has been granted the force to pry sustenance from the swirling AEther itself! I revel in this strength for more than the convenience, for it shows that through my strength of Will, I may truly rend the barriers that those fools could not even perceive...

I WILL make them believe! It is to be, and I will reach into the very Heart of the Storm to achieve it!

Fate must be assisting me, I can feel... already events seem to twist towards my benefit. I have found several small caches of material already, and doubtless there will be more... a single one could be disregarded as coincidence, but not this many! As we are all blind to the Fate's will, we may merely accept what is given - and to be damned with looking twice at its gifts! They serve me well, allowing me to purge those that have been marked for destruction... yet several times I myself have come perilously close to Death. If I am Fated to fall then so be it, but until such time any force that tries to deter me will have Void's own time trying to claim me!

Yet, I have to wonder... have I been noticed, by some higher consciousness? I realize now that I have fallen into the same trap as those academic fools, of believing that a Power - in this case, Ultimate Power - must necessarily exist as an abstraction: a resource, a medium, with no guiding will of its own. Yet do we not speak of Fate as having a Will? Is not Soul the very manifestation of Will, that it might mold the maelstrom?

This will require further study, at some future date.

...Though if I truly have been noticed, nay Chosen, by this unseen Will... then what does that make me?

-Charanth Del'Traver

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