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Cactaur Island

May 3 of the year 323

Luna's Day

A figure stood in the middle of the Cactuar Island. Near it was a small pod within a small crater, smoke still sputtering from the pod indicating that it had crashed recently. The figure slowly approached the pod, curious to see what was inside. As it came up to the pod, it noticed some noise, a noise from within the pod, as if something was moving inside. Walking down into the crater, the figure came up next to the pod, until it reached what seemed to be a hatch. Not even bothering to pull the handle, the figure simply lifted its arm and blasted away the hatch with some kind of laser weapon.

It poked its head inside and saw a brown colored reploid. The reploid was not awake, but was twitching, unconsciously. Quickly, the figure placed his hands the robot, and a black substance flowed from hand to reploid. As the black substance seeped into the reploid, the reploid slowly began to stop its twitching Finally, after stopping, it opened its eyes, slowly. The figure spoke.

Figure: "You are one of mine now."

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