Kett's Rooms

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Kett's Rooms
Mr. Kraesner Lee..
Source: Various
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 12-18
Linked: Yes

Kett's Rooms is a resort south of Wutai, on Humboldt Island.


42 - An old mansion falls into the Cleft of Dimensions. Some sought shelter here from the unfamiliar new lands laid before them, but they were never heard from again!

190 - Wutai is established. The city lays groundwork to reclaim the old rundown mansion.

191 - The mansion is rebuilt, but the construction workers assigned to it are nowhere to be found. The mansion is purchased in an auction by Kraesner Lee.

192 - Kraesner Lee is temporarily arrested on suspicion of murder.

220 - Kraesner Lee is temporarily arrested on suspicion of murder.

276 - Kraesner Lee is temporarily arrested on suspicion of murder.

277 - Kraesner Lee sells mansion to Gerard Kett and isn't heard from again.

302 - Gerard Kett is temporarily arrested on suspicion of murder.

339 - Gerard Kett remodels the mansion as a resort, called Kett's Rooms.


The mansion is located at the south end of a a small island, offering a wonderful view of the sea.


The large tourist city Wutai is located further north on the mainland, as well as the popular Altamira Boardwalk.


Kett is the only one who actually lives here, but some of his staff occasionally stay overnight.

Law, Government, and Politics

Kett's Rooms is under Wutai's property management, though it is too far from the city to efficiently be under their other laws. The mansion is on Humboldt Island, which is part of the nation of Guardia.


A bipedal dog wearing some kind of law enforcement uniform once ate dinner at a table with his friend, an eccentric white rabbit. After discussing their latest job, the dog asked the rabbit:

- Did you finish THE LOST MAIDEN?

- And deal with that lecherous patron?

- Or return that lost heirloom?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi liked the steak and Able Juice here, but he felt like-a something was off. As-a with any mystery, Luigi was able-ta solve it by paying extra close-attention to his-a surroundings. And he's-a never going back there, mamma miaaaa!"