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Seems trustworthy enough.
Age: ????
Race: Cat... rabbit... thing?
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Kyuubey2.gif

Kyuubey is a strange feline-like creature whose origin and abilities remain a mystery, even to those he ordains as Wishborn. He happened upon the city of Truce one day, and the rest was history. It is likely that he had visited other regions of the Cleft of Dimensions as well, as Witches and Yoma have appeared in areas outside of the city. His presence is generally garnered with mixed favorability, with those of a less emotion-driven nature not taking offense to his motives and mannerisms as much as those with more expressed emotional capacity. He is well-versed in the art of omission, playing words and sweetening others in order to get potential recruits to see how great of a deal he is making for them. While not able to lie (not in his nature, so he claims), he gets around this by merely not bothering to mention facts that may have been important, but comes clean when expressly asked about any specific concept. He claims that he is in the right by performing this way, as mortals have a tendency to act similarly if it means working toward their own desires; he states that he has yet to encounter someone who has not wronged someone else, not matter how small or ineffectively, on their way to their own destiny. In so stating, he cheerfully concludes that he fits right in.

Kyuubey is not capable of expressing or finding value in anything other than the Grief Seeds that are dropped by Witches and Yoma upon defeat. They act as a source of power for himself and others of his kind, though he has not elaborated on this to any real degree, stating only that it enables him to continue granting wishes.

Kyuubey is seen as a small white cat with round, red eyes (even darker red irises) and furry tentacle-like appendages coming out of the base of each ear, at the sides of his head. Several red markings decorate his fur, including a teardrop-shaped pattern on his back.