Moogle Cave

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Moogle Cave
Kupek, Kupop, Kumama, Kuku, Kutan, Kupan, Kushu, Kurin, Kuru, Kamog, Mog, and Brian
Source: Final Fantasy 6
Builder: Versalia
Level Range: 11-20
Linked: Yes

The Moogle Cave is a warren of tunnels within the Sulfataska Mountains filled with small, white creatures called Moogles. Though the moogles are the main inhabitants they share the caves with Vomammoths; big hairy creatures with large tusks that automatically attack anyone weaker than them. The most powerful of the moogles is a dancing creature named Mog who wanders the caves on patrol. This area is well suited for the level 11-20 players.


Travelers from Viorar come afar to see the amazing rocks found throughout the cave. Also to see moogle craftsmenship, listen to moogle musicians, and watch moogle dancers.


The cave opens up into the Sulfataska Mountains south of Truce, but it is rumored that the moogles use another exit closer to the city.


Moogles are primary population here, living alongside a few aggressive vommamoths. Craftsmen sell special rarities to travelers while musicians and dancers offer entertainment.

Law, Government, and Politics

Guardia rules the land here, but the moogles tend to only care about daily needs and partying.


Kupo! Kupo kupo-po-po? Kuuuupo!

- Have you partied with Mog?

- Or helped out that cute little moogle?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Adult moogles will dance when they feel-a threatened, which will cause-a painful cave-in. Luigi would make-a sure he's-a not wounded if he were to fight one."