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New Luberia is a thieves' guild focusing on magical items. Luberia members are trained in the use of magical items, especially wands, in both traditional and other uses... such as expending wand charges for counterspells, and suchlike. Luberia thieves also train to get through magical protections such as glyphs and wizard locks, and to handle themselves in a magical duels through the use of magical artifacts.

They generally only steal from the rich, usually evil wizards if they can find one. They usually keep only the magical items they steal, along with a bare minimum of the gold, just enough to keep all the members properly fed. New Luberia isn't much concerned with money for itself, and will either use it to acquire new artifacts from benevolent wizards, or give it to those who need it more than themselves. A common recipient of this excess gold is Luberia's ally, the Gypsy Rose clan.

New Luberia may recruit anyone with a background in thievery, and nearly all members are screened personally by Nanashi himself. This is mostly because Nanashi feels that this guild, much like the original Luberia Thieves' Guild, should feel like a big family. To this end, they will take in thieves of any age, race, and history, along with occasional non-thieves to fulfill other purposes in the clan, such as medics, artificers, and enchanters.

Nanashi hopes to recruit people of various spellcasting backgrounds without any prior experience in thievery, and will gladly train these people in whichever branch of the profession they choose, in exchange for the greater understanding and therefore greater mastery of their discipline that they can teach. The more the guild knows about magic, the more they can use it against its less savory practitioners.

Their leader is Nanashi

Current members: Nanashi, Mordoba, Sisemen, Mazarti