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So, you’re thinking of buying a house in game, but you’re still not sure exactly what all the hype is about? Maybe you’ve seen all the costs and benefits on the player housing page and wondered, “How the heck do I get one of those and why would I even want it?” Hopefully the following information helps clear all that up!


1. What is a player house?

The simple answer is that a player house is almost anything you make it. The player house is a room or series of rooms designed to your own specifications! It may be a one-room dwelling with limited facilities that’s roleplay-based, for example The Trash Panda’s Trashcan in a back alley behind the Truce Bar. It may be an extravagant, sprawling multi-room mansion based on Cleft lore that’s large enough filled with enough amenities to rival a small village. It could even be a pub that’s open to all players as a respite from furious adventuring.

2. What types of player houses are there?

Single-player housing—This is the most common type and is designed for the use of the purchasing player. Once you purchase a player house, you may set it as your recall location.

Shared housing—There are two possibilities with shared housing. It could be that you want a house that your main character shares with your own other characters (alts). It could also be a home that you choose to share with other players in the game. With this type, the cost for each room and amenity must be paid by all occupants of the house.

Publicly accessible housing—This would be a public facility that you generously decided to provide to all the players in the Cleft. You could set up a bar, a shop, a restaurant or an inn for public use. You might even decide to offer a miniquest as a fun and exciting diversion!

3. Why would anyone even be interested in having a house?

Players choose to have homes for a wide variety of reasons. It may be just to have a place to unwind between adventures, to have something to show off to other players or just to have a piece of their imagination permanently enshrined in the Cleft. There are, however, some very tangible benefits as seen in the section below!

4. You’ve convinced me. What do I need to buy a house?

In order to begin construction, you will need gold and either an Immortal Token or multiple Restring Tokens. Restring Tokens are tokens that can be used for player housing purchases, to change the name/appearance of an item, or to change your in-game pretitle that shows up on the “who” display. They are much more common than Immortal Tokens and can be obtained in a variety of ways: by helping the staff find bugs/typos, through events, through in-game questing or through submitting a review for the Area of the Month. Immortal tokens are rare rewards from events and are required for many specific housing purchases as well as advanced house customization.


1. Portals

Portals are arguably the most convenient feature of having a player house. With them, you can avoid long the long ferry rides and the movement-consuming travel through aggressive territory just by entering a painting of your destination of choice. Please see the portal locations section below for a full list of default locations.

2. A Personalized Shopkeeper

Have you ever gotten tired of farming for hours for that elusive [LEGENDARY] wooden sword? Well, with a personalized shopkeeper, you could have someone in your very own home who could sell you one or one of hundreds of other items from throughout the Cleft! You may have your in-home shop sell up 10 different items. You could even create your very own custom item for the shop to sell!

3. A Moogle Maid

Haven’t you always wanted your own maid? The player house maid not only keeps your place spic and span, she will also restore your health, mana and moves. What a fantastic deal!

4. A Servbot Helper

There are two types of servbot helper: one that can recharge wands, staves, rods and events and one that can recharge light sources. For an additional fee, you can even purchase the deluxe model that does both. For a limited time, batteries are included!

5. A Training Dummy

Try out that brand new sword you just found without even leaving the comfort of your own house! The training dummy is there for you to test out your weapons, spells and skills to your heart’s content.

6. A House Pet

With the purchase of a house pet, you get your very own cosmetic mob to kiss, love, squeeze, hug, and call George. Your pet can be anything your heart desires from an adorable kitten to a sentient cloud to a fearsome skeletal dragon! (Editor’s note: you do not have to call your pet George.)

7. A Pokeball Vending Machine

With the pokeball vending machine installed in your domicile, you never have to worry about having backup in a fight anymore. You just insert your money, and presto!, you have your very own pet of your choosing to fight alongside you!

8. A Fountain

The in house fountains can contain a wide array of liquids for you to drink or to fill your bottles and canteens with. Options include but are not limited to plain water, numerous alcoholic beverages, delicious broth and nutritious milk.

9. A Piece of Furniture

Home furnishings can take many forms: beds, chairs, bars and barstools, a beautiful painting of your kitten George. Pieces of furniture may be functional or decorative or both!

10. A Banker

The in-home banker functions exactly the same as those in all the major cities!

11. A Mage

The convenient house mage provides the same services as those available to the public. Your exclusive mage will gladly identify or uncurse your items and save you from going out in the cold dressed like that.

12. A Necromancer

So what if people think you’re a little odd for having a necromancer and a morgue in your house? It’s convenient!

13. A Mana Treant Orchard

The Mana Treant gives you the chance to actually use all of those random seeds you’ve been finding! Give him a seed or two and wait a little while to get your very own fresh fruits and vegetables! This produce can be eaten as is to fulfill hunger needs and perhaps provide a small boost. It can also be used in cooking and alchemy recipes.

14. A Cooking Station

The cooking station lets you combine ingredients to make delicious and useful foods! Cookbooks with easy-to-understand recipes may also be purchased in conjunction with your cooking station.

15. A Krak Pot

The Krak Pot is a handy addition to any home. He allows you to begin the mysterious process of alchemy. Arcane tomes provide recipes for many beneficial items including gear and potions. It is rumored that there are even complete areas that are only known to those well-versed in alchemy.

16. A Polychromatic Crystal

A mysterious crystal that provides substantial benefits based on the elemental day of the week. What could go wrong?

17. Farm Animals

There’s nothing better than cooking with fresh milk and eggs. With your very own cow and cucco, you can do just that!

18. A Locker

A very handy way to store items, and it works just like those available to the public.

19. A Combat Simulation Room

Is there a mob you never get tired of fighting? Well then, you’re in luck! With a combat simulation room, you may choose to hone your skills on that mob to your heart’s content!

20. Equipment Mannequins

Need a helping hand to remember which gear to switch over to at level 40? Or do you just want to show off your snazzy duds to your visitors? With an equipment mannequin, you can do both!

21. A Faithful Companion

Design your own custom crime-fighting or chaos-causing partner!

22. A Keyring

Tired of losing hard-to-find keys when you logout? Then this item is for you! You may put up to 50 different keys on your house keyring and never have to worry about finding the right mob to kill again!


By default, you may choose to build your home in any of the standard villages and towns throughout the Cleft. One important factor to consider when choosing the site for your initial homestead is that you must be able to access the location before you can use it as a home. So, for example, if you think you’d like to choose Gold City, just remember you will have to be able to get to Gold City before actually using your home. Areas that are level-restricted, as in the Gold City example by a level 50 ferry ticket, could be a little harder to reach at the beginning of a remort! All of the villages and towns available for housing locations are also available as standard portals for your house. Each portal costs gold based on its level, its rank status, and its distance from the location you choose for your house. For more information, please see the player housing page.

Rank 1 Cities & Villages Rank 2 Cities & Villages
Truce Wutai
Viorar Rocket Town
Monstro Town Crysta
Lasacul Mongrelia
Shrike Cosmo Canyon
Gold City Mabe Village
Brigantes Brei
Final Weapon Tonoe
Kakariko Village
Dry Dry Outpost
Pioneer 2^

^Pioneer 2 is currently only a default portal location since a space station is unsuitable for easy additions.


Now that you know all about housing and have decided that you can’t do without one, what’s the next step? Start coming up with ideas then head on over to the player housing page for full details!