Stalwart Hunters (4)

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On Watch

Truce Fountain Square

July 20 of the year 323

Mana Holy Day

Variance looks up at the perched Seikou, perking a brow. "Interesting lookout spot you have there!"

Seikou looks down at Variance, grinning. "I like it up here. Good view, nice breeze..."

Variance lets a quiet laugh pass under his watch as he rests on one of the benches around the fountain. "I'm sure."

Seikou leans over a bit more, preparing to say something, and nearly falls off the roof "Ack!"

Seikou looks embarrassed and jumps off the rooftop, landing fairly neatly. "I guess that wasn't the best spot..."

Variance breaks a faint smirk, laying his spear across his lap leisurely. "And this is why we don't brood on rooftops."

Seikou looks slightly annoyed, brushing hair out of his eyes. "I wasn't brooding, I was on -duty-!"

"Not that there's a use for it." Variance's expression turns somewhat irritated at the thought. "I've been around for the past few hours with nothing out of place."

Seikou shrugs. "There has to be a maverick somewhere..."

You say 'True... Though after a month or two of restless searching, it's understandable if someone wants a little time to themselves, even if such quietness usually means scheming and plotting.'

Seikou says 'I really don't have much to do other than patrol... It's not like I know anyone around here besides you...'

Variance nods slightly, breathing a tired sigh. "At least we end up doing our job out of a lack of better things to do. Not to say that there are, mind you."