Stalwart Hunters (6)

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Reploid in Love

Seikou sits on a roof as always, one foot dangling below him. His staff lays on the roof beside him, one hand resting on the shaft.

Variance isn't lazing around on the bench this time(for once in his life >.>), instead opting to rest against the fountain, looking somewhat more alert than usual.

Seikou jumps off the roof and walks over to Variance. "Konnichiwa, Variance-sama," he calls. He looks somehow more... cheery.

Variance nods in reply, obviously not quite as jubilant as Seikou, but not what most would call 'emo', either. Occasionally his unfocused gaze flicks to his still insignia-less shoulder...

Seikou leans besides the fountain next to Varaince and stares at the sky, smiling. "...I met another Reploid today... A girl named Aura."

Variance perks up a bit, now having a reason to pay attention to his environs. "Aura... Don't believe I've met her yet."

Seikou smiles more at the memory. "She was... nice, if really naive. She knew nothing about the war and I had to explain it to her... and then she asked if I had to eat, for some unknown reason."