Stalwart Hunters (7)

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Prelude to Despair

Seikou sits at the desk for once, doing paperwork boredly, occasionally dropping his pencil and half-collapsing onto the desk.

Variance steps in, a slight bit battered from the general wear and tear of patrolling south of Truce(Kobolds tend to be a bit rowdy), resting his even -more- generic spear against a wall in a corner. His gaze looks to Seikou, immediately noticing his need for rest.

Seikou looks up and waves weakly. "Hey, Vari-sama..."

Variance walks over to the desk, taking a spare pen in hand. "I'll take it from here, you look tortured enough."

Seikou shakes his head. "i'm fine... I'm just looking for info on Aura and doing my job while I'm at it... You rest... I've only been at it 4 hours... I can keep going..."

Variance perks a brow, but decides not to pry further(what he'd heard from Seikou about Aura before was more than enough reason to explain his doing this), but takes out a purple and blue-colored can of something, setting it on the desk.

Seikou looks at the can. "...wha?"

You say 'Well, at least have that. Oddly enough, it seems to work as well as it claims to...'

Seikou sips the karma jolt and blinks. "Don't feel anything..."

You say 'It's not immediate, but if it doesn't do anything... Well, I guess I'm that much stranger than I thought.'

Variance keeps a certain comment regarding the eccentricity of his creator wisely to himself...

Seikou slowly seems more and more awake, and turns back to the paperwork at hand with a new energy... The only problem is, the report he's currently working on, at least, is entirely in Japanese.

Variance takes a quick glance at the report-in-progress and briefly considers mentioning it to Seikou, but decides against, figuring Signas somehow has a way of reading it...

Seikou continues to happily write, apparently unaware that anything's wrong.

Seikou says 'IthinkthissodareallyworksthankyouforitIcanwritesomuchwhee!'

Variance perks a brow. "Er... yeah, you're welcome." On that note, he carefully takes a report form from the pile on the desk, starting to write on his own.

Seikou finishes the report and immediatley takes another fourm paper off the stack, starting working on some random piece of buerocracy.

Seikou speaks, in a slightly more normal voice, although still fast-paced. "Don't we have a computer or something so I could search for 'Aura' and it would pop up and I could give her the info? I mean we are computers it would make sense to have computers..."

Variance pauses in his systematic writing for a moment to ponder the statement. "...It would, yes. Then again, we haven't quite built up the funds to get decent systems in..."

Seikou says '...Too bad...'

Variance keeps writing, brow furrowing at something unseen. "In the end, it all comes down to money..."

Seikou says 'I have some money in the bank... I'd be willing to use it towards helping the Base out...'

You say 'We've been through this before, and I'm sure we'll get some in somehow. We got the break room, didn't we?'

Seikou says '...Still... I want to find out if we have any inf on Aura -quickly-...'

Variance finishes off his routine report, dropping it leisurely into the 'IN' box on the desk. "The only choice I can think of is the hard-copy files, but even -I'm- not sure where they are." A rather derogatory comment crosses his mind, just barely restrained by logic.

Seikou says 'Probably Signas-sama's office, but I have no idea how to get in there...'

Variance quickly examines the wall behind the desk while he's around there, squinting analytically at where he speculates a door is. "I don't think anyone but Signas himself knows..."

Seikou starts to rummage in one of the desk's drawers, looking for some sort of clue to where the files are...

Variance sighs and starts back towards his usual place against the wall, snagging another random unfinished piece of red tape on his way back. Oh, the wonderful life of a Maverick Hunter...

Seikou finally sighs and slaps the last form in the box, looking depressed. "I frikken give up on finding -anything-."

A man about average height, dressed in a black suit, with red shoulder length hair, and wearing dark shades, walks through the door, sounding off the bell. No one would possibly guess that well dressed person is Vice without his armor.

Someone walks towards the desk. "Excuse me, is anyone here?"

Seikou looks up. "Ah, konnichiwa! My name's Seikou! How may I help you?"

Variance pauses in his comments to Signas on the back of the form he's holding, standing to attention.

Someone says ' Many people from my town have been killed recently, the town is in panic, everyone is just hiding in their homes.'

Seikou says 'My God... We'll get directly on it, sir! Where is your town located?'

Seikou has gone pale at the thought, although he tries to remain at least partially in control of the situation...

Someone says ' Past the canyons of Truce, I'm sure you've heard of Cosmo Canyon.'

Seikou nods and climbs up from the table. "We're on it, sir!" he calls, dashing out the door...

Variance stays for a moment more, though still obviously intending to speed off immediately after. "Did you see what it was?"

Someone says ' I've caught a glimpse of what seemed like a machine..? I believe it was wearing red and had blue hair.'

Someone says ' It was too fast for me to get any more detail.'

Variance nods and follows after Seikou at a similar speed.