Sulfataska Mountains

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Sulfataska Mountains
There's probably a volcano back there somewhere.
Source: ???
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 6-15
Linked: Yes

The Sulfataska Mountains (which include the active Barrel Volcano) are a string of volcanic mountains south of the Guardia Fields.

They form a natural barrier between the kingdoms of Guardia and Fa'Diel.


Tourists traveling from Fa'Diel say great things about the wondrous mountain formations, enjoying the natural beauty of the landscape while falling in love with the local Growlithe population as they howl hungrily in their direction. The tiny town of Mongrelia lies along the western side, its Pokemon Gym frequented by novices out to be the very best.


The Sulfataska Mountain trail is interesting in that it connects Barrel Volcano, Guardia Fields, Mongrelia, The R-Y Factory Ruins, Moogle Caves, and Mabe Village. The roads are wide enough for vehicles, although there are no airships, trains, or other public transportation.

A round spaceship has been seen in the skies above the mountains at night.


The areas is mostly populated by Growlithes, Rabillions, and slimes. There's also a guard marking the border between Guardia and Fa'Diel. A renowned crafter lives in a hut between Barrel Volcano and Mabe Village.

Law, Politics, and Government

The Sulfataska Mountains lie on the edge of Guardia, the land of Fa'Diel on its southern side.


Two slimes once had a deep conversation about the creation of all existance while trudging through the mountains one day. Offhand, one slime asked the other:

- Have you gotten something crafted by Melchior?

- Assisted Professor Catface?

- Teased an octopus?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "When Luigi first-a began exploring, he was a-ttacked by the doggies while Mario stomped on them. When Luigi came back a-bit stronger than before, the doggies were too a-fraid to fight!"