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Maverick Headquarters

June 28 of the year 323

Mana Holy Day

Within the Maverick Headquarters, Aeon lay sprawled out on the floor, with various whirring and humming gizmos and gadgets strewn about it.

A man stood over Aeon, picking up and putting down instruments without even bothering to see what he was picking up; it was like he had memorized the location of all of the items that lay on the floor. He wore a white labcoat, dirtied and worn, but otherwise fine.

Aeon was deactivated; eyes closed, body motionless, its very existence was in the hands of the man. The man made a few finishing touches, then looked Aeon once over. Satisfied with the product, the man held up one last tool. It was something like a cattle prod, which he used to send a large jolt of electricity through Aeon. Reacting immediately, Aeon sprang up, fully activated and fully aware.

Eyes open, it looked at the man with a pair of yellow tri-pupils.

Aeon: "So, Dr. Hagonbeim, was the upgrade successful?"

The Doctor folded his hands, the tool still in his left hand.

Dr. Hagonbeim: "Oh, yes, it was a complete success. Let me go over the specs of your upgrade."

Using the tool as a pointer, the Doctor pointed at Aeon's eyes.

Dr. Hagonbeim: "You may be wondering why with your new vision, you are seeing triple. This is because the new pupil setup you have allows you to see different angles of whatever you look at."

The Doctor pauses, catching his breath, then continues.

Dr. Hagonbeim:" This in turn allows you to better analyze your surroundings."

Aeon begins to look around, getting more used to his new vision. The doctor then starts pointing at Aeon's body with the tool.

Dr. Hagonbeim: "Your internal energy source has been removed, and replaced with one more efficient and abundant; a piece of magicite, used to store magic. The magicite was from a very strong starry eyed esper, whom I believe you killed."

Aeon: "Wait, how am I supposed to recharge my magic? I know living creatures naturally regenerate it over time, but what about reploids?"

Dr. Hagonbeim: "Ah, this is the apex of your upgrade. I had your special, nano-mesh metal skin enchanted with a permanent, mana absorption by a mage friend of mine. Notice how your skin now ripples a dark blue."

Aeon looked down at himself, and indeed, every few seconds his skin rippled a dark blue color. The Doctor smiled, and then pointed towards Aeon's fingertips.

Dr. Hagonbeim: "You may or may have not noticed the new color of your fingertips. They are this way because the inner wiring of your body link the magicite directly to your fingers. The power is literally at your fingertips."

Aeon brought its hands in front of its face and stared. The tips of its fingers were a very bright yellow; gleaming in the dull lighting of the headquarters.

Aeon: "Well, I am satisfied with your work, Doctor. I belie this warrants your reward."

And with that, Aeon walked towards the northern wall of the headquarters, going up to it and touching it in several places, of close proximity. instantly, a portion of the wall slid down into the ground, revealing a tear-soaked little girl. Upon seeing the girl, the Doctor ran towards her, eyes tearing up all the while. The girl noticed the approaching Doctor, and started to yell with joy. During this time, Aeon simply watched, with an evil grin set upon its face. As the duo began to exit the headquarters, Aeon spoke to them.

Aeon: "It has been nice doing business with you."

The doctor muttered something under his breath in response.

Aeon: "I heard that. And if you say something like that again, I'll rip the tongue out from your mouth."

The doctor fell silent, and quickly exited, wanting to do nothing more with the reploid.

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