Vice the Maverick (1)

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Maverick At Last

Truce Fountain Square

January 1 of the year 325

Gnome's Day

Variance takes a bit of a stretch, no matter how futile an action it was for him. Force of habit, perhaps?

"Another reploid I have not seen before..."

Variance suddenly turns very still, eyes narrowing. There was... someone here? He hadn't seen anyone arrive...

"I guess there is no reason to hide."

Nary a sound breaks the sudden veil of silence as Variance tightens his grip on his weapon. "Show yourself!"

The Maverick Vice turns off his cloaking unit, appearing before Variance.

Variance takes a startled step back, slightly lowering his weapon. Another reploid... and why did he seem so familiar? "What's your business here?"

"My business here?" Vice laughs and reaches for the beam saber attached to his back.

Immediately, the dark wooden shaft in Variance's hands raises defensively as he takes another step back. He had a feeling another fight was in order, but why?

Looking at a young man standing to the side, Vice smirks. "You there! Take one step and you will die. The choice is yours, human."

"What do you mean by that? You can't mean to..."

"Wasting time is not a hobby of mine." Vice replies menacingly.

Variance looks to the youth, openly disquieted by the sudden situation. He couldn't possibly be meaning to kill the innocent bystander, right? "I... Who are you?!"

With a swift motion, Vice grabs the beam saber from his back and slashes the young man.

Variance shakes his head in disbelief, staring at the other reploid. How...? How could he slay a human so quickly with so little remorse? Could he be...?

Vice smirks as he slowly starts walking toward Variance. "You didn't stop me. Is that your answer?"

"Answer... Answer to what?!" Variance steps back as fast as the other advances, confusion and shock plain on his features. Is this... is this what a Maverick truly is?

"I see fear in your eyes."

Fear wasn't the only thing occupying his usually calm, clear amethyst gaze. Variance was more confused now than he'd ever been, and that's saying something. "Why... How could you do that?!"

"Few reploids have the willpower to break the stupid laws..." Vice explained like it helped the situation. "I seem to be one of them."

The Law... Finally, something Variance knew about! His look changes quickly from one of bewilderment to stern morality. "No, most have the sense to abide by the laws. And of them, you're obviously not."

The jewel on Vice's helmet begins to glow and the Maverick grins evilly.

Variance takes another step back, this one more to gain a stance than to retreat. He was certain this was the cue for conflict, and he was ready to call it.

"I have come to realize, that I can not accomplish the goals of the Mavericks alone. You seem like a strong reploid. Were you not built to fight in this ongoing war?"

"From what little I was able to gather, yes." Variance agrees.

"The war will continue forever...everything must be destroyed for it to end."

"How do you know for certain?" Variance asked in turn. "The war may have been prolonged, but surely there must be an end other than annihilation.'

"How naive...something a typical Hunter would say."

Variance laughs softly, maybe somewhat cynically at the comment. "Funny thing. I'm not even fully sure what a Hunter is and I already sound like one."

Vice clenches his fists. "Enough talk."

Focusing all of his energy to his legs, Vice dashes behind Variance.

Variance smirks and drops to one knee, spinning around to the right to position himself perfectly to swing his glaive at Vice's legs when he touches down.

Without the slightest flinch, Vice takes the hit.

"I believe it's time for you to rest and think over your decision." Vice then promptly backhands Variance's face.

Variance reels back from the attack slightly, retaliating swiftly and lifting his glaive, switching his hold on it. He pushes back some, shoving the end of his weapon towards Vice's chest in an effort to gain some space.

"Stop wasting your's no use." Vice growled. "I will have no satisfaction killing someone like you. But, we will surely meet again."

With that, Vice turns on his cloaking device and dashes off.