Vice the Maverick (2)

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Maverick Returns

Seikou shakes his head. "probably a glitch..."

Variance shakes his head dismissively, continuing on his way blearily towards the base, though maintaining a slightly heightened vigilance...

Variance leaves west.

Seikou remains sitting up, idily twirling his staff around.

You laugh.

You say ' I see they've recruited another member.'

Seikou looks down. "Nani...? Is someone there...?"

You say ' I guess there's no point in hiding myself.'

You snicker softly.

Variance has arrived from the west.

You say ' ...'

You say ' You again.'

Seikou jumps off the roof. "Who are you...?"

Variance says 'Seikou, fall back!'

You say ' Why don't you ask your partner there?'

Variance holds his spear level to Vice's gaze, his own narrowed dangerously.

Seikou blinks and turns to variance, stepping back a bit "Who is it...?"

Variance says 'Seikou, I want you to go back to the base, that's an -order-.'

Letting out a sigh, Vice slowly walks towards Variance.

Seikou shake shis head. "No! If he's a Maverick, then I want to be here to battle! I didn't join to sleep on rooftops all day!"

Variance takes a step back as Vice approaches, secretly preparing to strike. "Then at least get behind me!"

Seikou nods and steps behind Variance, alhough slightly reluctantly.

You say ' I didn't come here to fight today, sorry to disappoint you.'

You say ' I've been watching you hunters work...'

Seikou nods. "And..."

Regardless of the statement, Variance keeps his guard uncannily high. "Get to the point, you."

Vice points at Variance and slowly moves his finger to point at Seikou. "You...what is your name?"

Seikou shakes his head. "I don't have to tell anything to a -Maverick- like you!"

You say ' Why must you fight it?'

Seikou looks slightly afraid, although he tries to fight it back. "What the hell does that mean...?"

Variance lets a slight growl slip under his notice, immediately catching on to the obsidian reploid's intentions. "He's chosen his path."

In the blink of an eye, Vice appears behind Seikou, putting his hand on Seikou's shoulder.

Seikou whirls around and slaps the hand away "Get away from me!"

You say ' I guess we'll have to do this a different way.'

Variance swiftly turns himself fully around, bringing his spear's hook to meet Vice's neck, amethyst eyes blazing with a previously unseen mystic fire. "You heard him. Back. Off."

Vice turns away from Seikou and begins to walk away. "I will return at another time."