Vice the Maverick (3)

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Vice deactivates his cloaking device and slowly phases in behind Seikou. "Missing something?"

Seikou jumps to his feet and whirls around. "Nani?!"

You say ' Your reaction was too disappoint me.'

Seikou readies his staff. "I don't care what you think of me. I will destroy you either way."

You say ' You failed to protect your partner, from a low class reploid...and you expect to destroy me?'

Seikou shakes his head. "We were unprepared then. But I can destroy scum like you at any time..." He charges Vaisu and attempts to stab him.

Vice slaps the weapon away with ease.

You say ' I have no intention to kill you...yet.'

Seikou looks annoyed and falls back into a defensive position. "...Why not?"

Vice smirks. "I've got plans for you."

Seikou narrows his eyes. "I refuse to be part of any Maverick's plans!"

You say ' Why do you insist on fighting it? You know what you are, now accept it.'

Seikou shakes his head. "I am -not- what you think I am. I will fight to protect humanity till the day I die..."

Vice lets out a small sigh. "You WILL change!"

Seikou shakes his head fiercly this time, causing black hair to swirl around his body. "NEVER!" he cries.

You say ' You just need some motivation.'

Variance steps calmly into the square, glaring at the ground after a lovely little session of getting pounded while on patrol, only to look up and see... '...Oh, you have -got- to be kidding.'

Variance says 'You certainly know how to make someone's day, Vice.'

Seikou looks down. "Vari-sama!"

Vice snickers softly. "I'm glad you enjoy my company."

Variance takes spear in hand, the glare that was previously directed at the ground for being too rough now up at the black-armored Maverick for being a general nuisance, and, well, Maverick.

Variance says 'Oh yes, I cherish every second around you. Now back off and go obsess over another reploid.'

You say ' I would, but sadly, they're no fun.'

Seikou turns his attention back to Vice. "You heard Vari-sama. Leave. Now." He's not nearly as composed as Variance, and his eyes are still very narrow

Vice ignores Seikou and hops down from the roof.

Seikou hops down as well, landing behind Vaisu, prepared to lunge again.

Vice looks at Variance, the look in his eye seems to have changed. "How long has it been?"

"Not long enough." Variance stays absolutely still, not looking to accept whatever sort of challenge you might throw at him. "But if you want a straight answer, I'd say about a few months shy of a year."

You say ' Well, you've already proven to me how pathetic you are. You almost lost your life the other day.'

Vice turns back to look at Seikou. "I said I had plans for you, this is one of them."

Variance narrows his gaze a little further, though seeming more annoyed than angered. "He stabbed me in the -back-, I'm sorry I didn't see him -leaping from the shadows-."

Seikou backs away. "What the hell do you mean...?"

Ignorning Variance's comment completely, Vice walks towards Seikou.

Seikou backs away. "Stay away from me..."

Variance immediately breaks his air of calm, stepping towards Vice and leveling his blade to his singular gaze. He didn't need to say anything, his eyes said all anyone needed to know.

Seikou bumps into a wall and merely raises his staff, fear evident in his eyes. "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" he shouts.

Vice grabs the handle of the beam saber attached to his back.

Seikou finally falls silent and merely stands at ready, still afraid

Vice takes a step forward and slashes horizontally at Seikou's neck, but purposely stops before the beam connects.

Seikou attempts to block but is too slow, merely pressing himself further against the wall to try to get away from the sabre

Vice looks into Seikou's eyes. "Where did all the energy from before go?"

Seikou says '...I know that if I strike you will kill me. And I will not die yet.'

You say ' Where's the faith in your partner?'

Variance lets a short growl slip under his notice as he charges a few steps forward, just enough to get in striking range of Vice. He starts to thrust his spear forward, in more of a 'back off' gesture than actually striking. "He -SAID- to get away, Vice."

Seikou smiles faintly. "Thank you, Vari-sama..."

Vice swings his saber all the way around, striking Variance's spear.

Seikou takes the opportunity to stab at Vice's chest.

Variance pulls the bladed shaft away from the plasma beam, seeing as wood usually doesn't stand up to pure energy very well, resting it on his rising left arm but holding back on his action until Seikou moves out of theway.

Vice using his free hand, grabs the tip of Seikou's weapon. The energy vibrating in his hand seems uneffective.

Seikou attempts to lose the staff from the grip and dive aside to leave the path clear for Vari-sama

Variance moves his aim slightly to his right, shouting a brief chant. The summoned beam of silver-white light flies straight and true from his outstretched palm, heading towards Vice's shoulder, again more to distract him from Seikou.

Vice stays completely still, getting hit by the oncoming beam of energy.

Seikou is now off to one side of Vice and trying to make it to a corner

The smoke clears, the wall now in pieces, and Vice is lying motionless on the ground.

Seikou says 'Did we win?'

Variance immediately darts over to the downed Vice, forcing his spear into the ground in such a position that its hook's point is directly above his neck, all while drawing in a thin aura of energy...

A sinister laugh comes from beneath the rubble. Vice ignores the hook near his neck completely, and slowly starts to get up.

Variance looks somewhat taken aback at Vice's persistance, but snaps back to his senses and starts to put some more force on his spear, trying to get the point across that he's not letting Vice stand, and if the other wants a hole in his neck, then more power to him.