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(This is after Zaber's because he was logging and then he logged off to go on Polly)

Bahamut says 'Hrm Alia, what do you think?'

Alia turns to Bahamut facing him, "What do you mean, sir?"

Bahamut says 'The Disk..It has generated alot of interest..'

You say 'In regards to the Factory... They're planning something... something -big-'

Bahamut nods.

You say 'They're going to destroy Espers for their high magical power and use it to unseal the Mana stones around the world...'

Bahamut look down at his right talon, then looks up at the sky.

Bahamut says 'Allways after power...'

Bahamut says 'This time it ends...'

You say 'They've already collected enough power for the Ice Mana Stone, and the Fire Mana Stones from Ifrit and Shiva..'

You say 'They're going to continue their searches for Espers and keep extracting their Mana cores...'

Bahamut says 'This time its going too be differnt... there will be no peace..'

You say 'But sir, I have encountered one piece of data that seemed useful'

Bahamut says 'oh?'

Alia pulls out a hidden piece of paper within her clipboard and hands it to Bahamut

Bahamut takes the piece of paper, and mumbles..

You say 'Hypothetically, I believe that there is a way to take the extracted Mana core, and implement it back into the Espers.'

You say 'So the espers won't have to die'

Bahamut says 'Hrm... This data could become useful.. but im intersted whyd all the engineer's refer too it has a weapon?..'

You say 'Refer what as a weapon, sir?'

Bahamut hands the sheet back, and smiles sadly.

Alia takes the sheet and clips it back onto her clipboard

Bahamut says 'the orginal analis was supose too be a some sort of dangerous software..'

You say 'You mean the disc?'

Bahamut nods.

You say 'It is a dangerous software sir, my computer back in Nakajima's couldn't support it'

Bahamut says 'I see.'

You say 'I had to sneak into the ruined Maverick Hunter's HQ, and use one of the computers they haven't destroyed yet'

You say 'I've kept this computer hidden from everyone, so they can't destroy it.'

Bahamut looks down at his right talon, and sigh's.

Bahamut says 'good work.'

You say 'But sir, one more thing..'

Bahamut says 'yes?'

Alia shows Bahamut the same sheet as before, but points down at something she underlined, "If we cannot extract enough energy from the Espers, we will continue further analysis by hunting Moogles, Matangos, and then Hylians."

Bahamut cringes in terror!

You say 'These scientists are going all out on this experiment sir...'

Bahamut says 'yes.. its a good thing that they couldnt finish it..'

You say 'But who is to say that they won't continue again later in the future?'

Bahamut says 'that disk is all that is left of there research...'

Alia pulls out the disk, "Shall we dispose of it now?"

Bahamut says 'Hrm, yes, we have extracted and secured that data we needed?'

Bahamut says 'but before you do..'

Bahamut looks down at the ground.

You say 'Hmm?'

Bahamut says 'Was there any inform