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Cosmo Canyon - Cosmo Candle

Spider is settled by the fire, looking bored.

Axl has a bit too analytical an eye on Spider; something not usually seen on him except in the heat of battle(everyone was usually running around, so it wasn't even seen -then-)...

Spider looks at Axl and notices the gaze. "...Everything alright, kid?"

Axl softens the look, though anyone who knows him(or has an eye for detail) can tell he hasn't dropped whatever accusation he's forming. "Yeah, fine."

Spider says '...You're not planning something, right? Because if I wake up with a pink hat again you -die-.'

Axl grins, looking more towards the Candle. "Nah, I don't pull the same thing twice. It'd be too boring."

Spider shrugs and leans back. "...Care for a quick game of poker?"

"Rather not." /Probably end up shirtless again.../ Axl's posture changes -just- slightly, shoulders hunching in an effort to hide his utter -horror- at the last time he played that game...

Spider grins. "C'mon, I wouldn't even make you transform into Marino this time! After all, the real thing's here now..."

Axl mutters something before finally outing with, "Really, I'm fine."

Spider says 'Fine, fine...'

Spider grins. "Then what about a drink?"

Axl pauses to consider the offer, then how the drink involved tended to get his mind off things like ridiculous wars against Koopas... He settles with a smirk and a nod. "I'm sure one couldn't hurt."

Cosmo Canyon - Starlet Pub

Spider settles at the bar. "Hey, bartender. Two of the special, please."

Axl turns a little pale at that, but doesn't say anything against it despite having tried 'the special' before with remarkably dignity-killing results...

Spider grabs his glass when it comes, downing it in one go. "Ah..."

Axl starts on his a little slower, though even what little he takes is enough to make him wince. /Yeah, it won't be so bad, just do it slow.../

Spider grins at Axl. "C'mon, kid. You can handle more than that."

Axl glowers a little and throws back the rest of his drink challengingly. "Yeah, yeah, 'm just... taking it easy." /I bet people'd pay to see -him- leave his dignity on the floor.../

Spider continues to grin. "So, tell me, k