Behemoth's Skull

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Behemoth's Skull
now with 20% more bones
Source: Mystic Quest/Secret of Evermore
Builder: Lilly
Level Range: 36-40
Linked: Yes

Behemoth's Skull is a dungeon in northwestern Fa'Diel.


Bones! Mud! Mosquitoes! More bones! Rocks! Horrific beasts! Even more bones! Sand!

The entrance to the skull is a gigantic reptilian skull, and the shores around it are littered with more ancient skeletons of beasts that may have died before the Cleft's time, or during the early years of the Cleft. Daring sightseers occasionally visit to gaze upon the outside, but very few are brave enough to enter.


A road in Faron Woods leads to Behemoth's Skull, past a marshy outlet.


There are no known permanent inhabitants of Behemoth's Skull... at least no non-monster inhabitants. Treasure hunters and fortune seekers occasionally explore the area. Occasionally they actually make it back intact, as well.

Rumors speak of several legendarily ferocious monsters that inhabit the dark and treacherous depths of the dungeon, but few have seen such and lived to tell the tale.

Law, Government, and Politics

While it isn't particularly governed, Behemoth's Skull lies under the effect of the Moon Mana Stone, which the Beast Kingdom lays claim to. Hunters from the Pioneer II seem to have an interest in the area, however.


A Koopa archaeologist once put together a skeletal worm as his colleague approached him with their duties for the day:

- Find a legendary artifact for a fellow treasure hunter.

- Slay the parasitic heart of the Skull.

- Defeat the legendary Archaeoavis.

- Defeat the terrifying Sand Worm.

- Defeat the dreaded Moor Leech.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Always explore thoroughly, sometimes looking at one thing can help you to see something you didn't notice before. Watch out for Boomas, they can hit multiple times."