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The Cleft of Dimensions is constantly being updated, poked, prodded, and tweaked. To keep everyone informed of the various changes, the Immortals semi-regularly post Change Notes in-game. This page will copy those notes as well.

Changes 6-15-2017


  • Pip will refresh his inventory every day even when players are away.
  • Flameshe and the pumpkinhead butler will now not accept items (for now)
  • Electrical barrier seems to be working correctly.
  • Aisu's door is two-way.
  • El Nido quest list fixed
  • Vehicle loss in quest rooms: There isn't really a good solution that doesn't involve revamping how vehicles work.
  • Kiki responds to Elazul when appropriate.
  • The certain Gypsy Camp quest has the appropriate story prerequisites now.

Changes 6-04-2017

  • added 'glance' command to show only room name, exits, and contents when 'brief' is on
  • re-added 'exits' command -- beware of fake room names (re: mobprog trickery)
  • re-added 'resistances' command -- shows a short version when 'brief' mode is on
  • fixed a problem involving mobs with vampirism and the haunt affect which probably broke a bunch of other things too

for builders:

  • new exit flag 'nomob'

for me:

  • cleared various compile warnings
  • prototype "who's online" webpage -- for now, only updates when a staff member types 'who2'


Changes 3-29-2016

Various other changes have went in, but here are the highlights:

  • oset is finished off with using flag names (vs their numerical value) in the value(0-4) slots, where needed. (the imm command 'set obj' has been updated to do the same)
  • "pet" has been added to the necromancers, to retrieve the corpse of all pets at once(that actually leave a corpse). Eg. necro pet
  • Added affected2 if check eg. If affected2 focus
  • Added fast affect2 flag (works like the fast vehicle flag)
  • Added 'quicken spell' (applies fast)

Changes 1-20-2016

New mob commands:

  mset          - See 'help set' for details
  oset          - This isn't actually new but more has been added to it, see 'help set'
  mforce        - Allows players to execute mob commands without the use of an event item. (ie mob mforce $n mob cast fireball)
  mob face name - Mobs change their name tags

New Variables:

  $A            - Same as $o, without quotes around name tags
  $b            - Mob's remember target's race
  $B            - Mob's remember target's level
  These have been added to 'help variable' (Thanks Odwofi!)

Various Changes:

  Brief mode is (re?)enabled due to volume of requests lately
  Wildcasting has been changed to a toggle
  Wildcasting has been added to affects2
  Affects2 can be toggled with mob flag

Changes 11-18-2015

  • Created a new extra field for objects: extra3

New extra3 flags:

  *exalted    - requires at least 1 remort to equip
  *heroic     - requires at least 5 remorts to equip
  *epic       - requires at least 10 remorts to equip
  *perishable - vanishes on logout, like key type items
  • Created a new field for affects: affects2

New affects2 flags:

  *focus        - double mana regeneration
  *motivation   - slight movement regeneration
  *theatrical   - identical to the theatrics spell
  *frenzy       - identical to the frenzy spell

New spells:

  *nofail armor  - enchant armor without failure
  *nofail weapon - enchant weapon without failure

Changes 10-18-2015

Some of these have been in for awhile but here are some recent changes.

  • Added the Bleed spell (intended for mob use)
  • Added the Vengeance Saber spell (applies empower to weapons)
  • Added the Sap Saber spell (applies enfeeble to weapons)
  • Added the Vorpal Saber spell (The name says it all)
  • Added the Sharp Saber spell (You guessed it!)
  • Added a Remort check to see incarnations, eg 'if remort $n >=1 - Has $n remorted?')
  • Fixed the Grizzly Style so it no longer bleeds out bloodless mobs
  • Encore, scan, enchant armor and enchant weapon can no longer be made into a staff via staffify
  • Encore can no longer be made into a wand via wandify
  • Encore's skill cooldown has been increased
  • Various sounds have been added throughout the code to accommodate the newest ptuna release


Changes 8-2-2014

  • fixed a bug with Drain.
  • 'Mysterious' flag now also hides weapon damage from Scan/examine/info.
  • 'key' type items properly disappear on lag-induced logouts.
  • 'mob cast' now accepts 'all' as a target -- weirdly.
  • new item flag 'noecho' - suppresses 'soandso uses suchandsuch' etc on usable items (replaces now-unused ITEM_RUNIC).
  • Wizen now works correctly from wands if you don't actually have the Wizen skill.
  • so do Tranquility and Abomination.
  • Death Coil heals more when Charged like it's supposed to.
  • helpfiles added for Doom Reverb, Sonic Boom, Vitriol, Firebreath, Gastro Acid, Influenza, Skylight, Rippler, saikyo-ryu.
  • new skills:
    • Rippler: swap status affects with target, always works on self or groupmates
    • Influenza: long-duration status affect that cuts regen and even prevents sleeping
    • saikyo-ryu style: expand Taunt repertoire and execute mana-damaging specials