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The Cleft of Dimensions is constantly being updated, poked, prodded, and tweaked. To keep everyone informed of the various changes, the Immortals semi-regularly post Change Notes in-game. This page will copy those notes as well.

Area Changes 5-1-2018

  • Kakariko Village is accessible
  • The Pillars of Nosgoth are accessible
  • The Ancient Library is accessible
  • Viorar has some updates to descriptions and interactions
  • Chocobo Forest has updated descriptions, item drops and spawn rates
  • The world around the town of Todo has been expanded
  • You now receive a class-specific reward for completing Truce's community service
  • It's easier to get back the "mysterious map" item
  • Oopsie Dayzees have joined the Dayzee Family
  • For Builders:
  • Fishing, Phone, Bomb Database added to the immortal hub
  • Bambino Bombs have universal directional triggers

Changes 4-19-2018


  • New mob command: 'Addlag' (Adds lag to a player, disallowing them any activity until it wears off)

Changes 4-16-2018

  • Some fixes for cross-room battle issues
  • Players and mobs can no longer flee while grappled
  • Items with the 'Melt_Drop' flag can now be stolen
  • Items now have custom disintegration (when Condition reaches 0 through Decay) messages based in item's innate
  • Various skills will now enjoy damroll bonuses applied to their damage calculations
  • 'Crash' is less random, does a bit more damage and also boosts the damage and lessens the damage variance depending on the 'Capacity' amount of the vehicle
  • Spells with mob-moving effects (eg, Gravity Well) no longer require the mob to have Mov for the effect to function
  • Dispel now has more effects that it can remove
  • Esuna now has more ailments that it can remove
  • 'Charge' affects more Geomancer spells than before
  • 'Judgment' now does Holy/Negative damage based on alignment (instead of Light/Dark)
  • Knight spells that have damage dependant on alignment have been updated with specific pairings (light/dark and holy/negative)
  • 'Encore' no longer affects Dodge, Parry or Shield Block
  • New Spell: Debilitate (Lowers a target's level, prevents experience gain while in effect)
  • New Spell: Enchant (Enchant Weapon & Enchant Armor rolled into one spell, affects both types)
  • New skill: Ceremony (Toggled, forced resting position, autoattack off, sacrifice things for bonus mana and slightly adjusts alignment if sacrificing evil or blessed items)
  • Merchants no longer get Enchant Weapon or Enchant Armor, replaced with 'Enchant'
  • Magroll scaling is officially in place: Each point is 1% bonus effectiveness up to 20, and after 20 it scales to more-or-less needing 2 points for every 1% efficiency (with slight variance here and there)
  • Remort Tokens are in the process of undergoing an upgrade; eventually, they will be automated and allow a player to auto-remort themselves, including the coverage of remort cost
  • Various readout changes to give the Cleft's damtypes, elements and overall display a more consistent appearance


  • Oset'ing an item with the Decay flag and Oset'ing condition to 0 will cause an item to disintegrate immediately
  • New ifchecks: Objcost, objweight, objextra, objextra2, and objextra3
  • Ageatii has a new (or fixed, anyway) custom message when using the 'slay' command

Changes 3-22/3-23-2018

  • Cure has a slightly lower rate of healing than before
  • Cure's mana cost has been lowered from 10 to 8
  • Charge will now function with Vitalize
  • A few spells have been excluded from the Metronome list
  • Ninjas can now hide better, generally, and even more so in dark rooms
  • Ninjas now know when they have or have not become hidden.
  • Ninjas now sneak more successfully in dark rooms or while hidden, even more so when both conditions are met
  • Ninjas now know when they have or have not started sneaking
  • New spell: Debilitate (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Wording: 'Exotic' has replaced 'Magic' in a few areas
  • The room affects, sandstorm and flurry, should not do damage if you're resistant to their respective elements.
  • Alias max has been increased to 32.

For Builders:

  • Added a move if check
    • mvchk 'if mvchk $i >= 50'
  • Added object condition check
    • objcond 'if objcond >= 20'
  • Added condition as an oset field
    • 'mob oset $o condition -20' Adjust current condition by -20
  • Added brief mode check
    • isbrief 'if isbrief $n'
  • Oset usage is now limited to the actor's inventory and in the current room the actor is standing in.
    • Note: If you need to get around this and manipulate an object in another mob/player inventory, use force and mforce.

Changes 3-8/3-10-2018

  • Jumi and Matango now have independent, separate health regeneration rates that is not the 'Regen' affect (and thus no longer have the latter in constant effect).
  • CON and WIS now add a slight regeneration bonus to HP and Mana, respectively. This is especially noticeable in conditions that are not ideal.
  • 'Psyke Up' and 'Psyke Down' spells added, effects are equivalent to their 'Attack Up' and 'Attack Down' counterparts except that it influences Magroll instead of Damroll.
  • BUILDERS: Please be careful with using Psyke Down for now, as negative Magroll will prevent both players and mobs from dealing ANY spell damage!
  • 'Enchant Armor' no longer increases the target item's level by 1.
  • Priests now receive slightly more mana when sacrificing gold coins.
  • Choke and Powersurge now work with counterspell.
  • Wisdom helps with failure to cast spells
  • Magroll has been fleshed out for player usage and works as intended.
  • Wall change can be charged to better penetrate saves.
  • Enchant spell has been added, which combines both enchant armor and enchant weapon
  • enchanting with the new enchant spell has slight chance to add -1 saves or +1 hitroll to armor or weapons, respectively.
  • higher wisdom increases those odds even more.
  • psyke down has been adjusted to be more likely to bypass saves.
  • armor golems are no longer affected by slow naturally.
  • various read out changes, most importantly, lockers and containers.

For builders:

  • mob award exp works in flat value. Use 'mob award $n exp 1234 noscale'
  • mob preitle is a command. for safety reasons, its usage is 'mob mforce $n mob pretitle self lolmypretitle ' to remove pretitles, just use {x.
  • mobs currently are locked out of magroll.

Changes 3-2-2018

  • Cynbel Sea is now linked!
  • The following areas have been removed from the "areas" command list: Magmoor Caverns, River City, Zanarkand, Magitek Factory.
  • MiniMedals have been added to: Gold City, Gobi's Valley, Frosty Forest, Tonoe, Jungle of Illusion, Goreomemu Swamp.
  • Level locks have been removed from: Orbonne Monastery, Guardia Castle, Dr Wily's Lab, Leires.
  • Item re-balances: Mana Spirit Statues, Mirror Shield, Silver Gauntlets.
  • Mob re-balances: Myrkur Necromancer, Great Rabite, Mushroomized Parasect, Angel Tower Spectre.
  • Pandora's Clothes in Truce are re-categorized as 'jewelry' type.
  • You have more time to complete Norstein Bekkler's light game in Truce.

Changes 2-19-2018

  • Stealing an item you can't carry no longer hecks up the item's location.
  • gptoss' damage is now a natural logarithm instead of base10... look forward to dealing more damage with it!
  • Fling shouldn't cast weapons into the void or other mobs' inventories.

Changes 1-26-2018

  • Sunsnug Isle is now accessible
  • Mist Cave is accessible as an expansion to Magicant
  • Hu Lao Gate is now accessible
  • An alternate unlockable path is available to get to the northern areas of Guardia.
  • Non-Saturn Valley ATMs no longer require ATM cards.
  • The potion seed pots (Crysta & Viorar) have been removed
  • Effects have been added to the remaining existing potion seeds that enemies drop
  • The speech in Lu Bu Feng Xian's delivery call is toned down
  • The reward for collecting all the Chaos Emeralds is improved
  • Asina on Joel Island more directly gives out quest initiation hints
  • Bugfix where Moon Saber was not being rewarded

Changes 1-10-2018

  • doubled the internal SPL_SPRD variable, which should reduce the variability of spell damage somewhat.
  • those NPCs you thought were healers.... aren't anymore. see selan and company for uncursing and IDing stuff now.
  • which conveniently updates whenever anyone who's not a staff member types 'who'.
  • 'report skills' -- for ordering your pet reveal its innate combat skills.
  • the 'cactus stool' made by a level 0 Mokuton no longer WORSENS regeneration.
  • Frost Saber now has a chance to apply a short-duration Slow.
  • Players and mobs warcry'ing at themselves have a better echo now.

for builders:

  • mobs and objects no longer have a 'material'
  • shopkeepers now *clone* objects when selling them, instead of making new ones.
    • this means infinite 'inventory' objects can be modified or restrung while still in the keeper's inventory, and the changes will now propagate to the bought copy.
  • plus some other changes i probably forgot


Changes 12-30-2017

  • Jutsu's lag time reduced from 20 to 12
  • Fumes now applies Poison instead of Fear -- rev up those Leeches
  • Ninjas get the Fear spell at level 45
  • Merchants now get Firebreath instead of Heat Metal at level 50
  • Gptoss is about half the cost to use but does the same damage
  • Dual Wield now functions correctly/at all when you have 2x/3x-cut
  • fixed that rogue . when paralyzed
  • converting gold to silver in banks is now free (but who does this)
  • 'report offense' shows magroll now

Changes 12-29-2017

  • Magroll is now percentage-based: 1 magroll is now equivalent to 1% more damage when casting a spell that deals damage. Builders, keep this in mind going forward when/if adding Magroll to items! Healing is also slated to be affected by this as well, but is not yet.

Changes 12-27-2017

  • "MAGROLL" is a thing now. It applies a flat damage bonus to most spells and damaging affects. There will be some exceptions (base Summoner spells), and there will be some instances where magroll has an exaggerated effect (multi- hit spells like Rainbow). Some builds will be better, some won't be affected, but none should take a nerf from this. Regardless, we're in uncharted territory!
  • Characters receive a bonus to Magroll similar to how Strength affects Damroll in practice, this is going to be about... 5 magroll for most casters
  • Builders can put Magroll on mobs and items (replaced previously nonfunctional bonus to saves vs paralysis?) -- use this sparingly, as you did damroll!!!
  • Bleeding damage now caps at level*3 per round so megabosses don't drain dry for thousands of damage per round
  • Enchant Weapon's effect with Damroll has been readjusted up to 15%. More tweaking possible pending smoothing out Magroll.

Changes 12-23-2017

  • any potential mob with vnum 3708 will be able to attack now (weird stock bug)
  • many abilities no longer penetrate the Shell affect
  • 'rod' and 'event' type items will display their current cooldown time when Scan'd/examine'd
  • enchanted weapons were having their damage bonus DOUBLED -- this has been corrected from 20% extra damroll per enchant to 10%
    • this seems like a nerf but check out the helpfile -- it was only SUPPOSED to be 5%
  • giga drain's mp cost cut by 1/3
  • vampires only regenerate 1hp/pulse while exposed to sunlight
  • plus other changes I've forgotten!

Changes 6-15-2017


  • Pip will refresh his inventory every day even when players are away.
  • Flameshe and the pumpkinhead butler will now not accept items (for now)
  • Electrical barrier seems to be working correctly.
  • Aisu's door is two-way.
  • El Nido quest list fixed
  • Vehicle loss in quest rooms: There isn't really a good solution that doesn't involve revamping how vehicles work.
  • Kiki responds to Elazul when appropriate.
  • The certain Gypsy Camp quest has the appropriate story prerequisites now.

Changes 6-04-2017

  • added 'glance' command to show only room name, exits, and contents when 'brief' is on
  • re-added 'exits' command -- beware of fake room names (re: mobprog trickery)
  • re-added 'resistances' command -- shows a short version when 'brief' mode is on
  • fixed a problem involving mobs with vampirism and the haunt affect which probably broke a bunch of other things too

for builders:

  • new exit flag 'nomob'

for me:

  • cleared various compile warnings
  • prototype "who's online" webpage -- for now, only updates when a staff member types 'who2'


Changes 3-29-2016

Various other changes have went in, but here are the highlights:

  • oset is finished off with using flag names (vs their numerical value) in the value(0-4) slots, where needed. (the imm command 'set obj' has been updated to do the same)
  • "pet" has been added to the necromancers, to retrieve the corpse of all pets at once(that actually leave a corpse). Eg. necro pet
  • Added affected2 if check eg. If affected2 focus
  • Added fast affect2 flag (works like the fast vehicle flag)
  • Added 'quicken spell' (applies fast)

Changes 1-20-2016

New mob commands:

  mset          - See 'help set' for details
  oset          - This isn't actually new but more has been added to it, see 'help set'
  mforce        - Allows players to execute mob commands without the use of an event item. (ie mob mforce $n mob cast fireball)
  mob face name - Mobs change their name tags

New Variables:

  $A            - Same as $o, without quotes around name tags
  $b            - Mob's remember target's race
  $B            - Mob's remember target's level
  These have been added to 'help variable' (Thanks Odwofi!)

Various Changes:

  Brief mode is (re?)enabled due to volume of requests lately
  Wildcasting has been changed to a toggle
  Wildcasting has been added to affects2
  Affects2 can be toggled with mob flag