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The Cleft of Dimensions is constantly being updated, poked, prodded, and tweaked. To keep everyone informed of the various changes, the Immortals semi-regularly post Change Notes in-game. This page will copy those notes as well.

Changes 3-1-2019

  • New rset fields
   mob rset flag <flag value>
     EG "mob rset flag no_recall" toggles no_recall
   mob rset <room affect> <duration>
     EG "mob rset sandstorm -1" sets sandstorm permanently
     NOTE:Room affects are being implemented one at a time, so far there's:
  • New mob commands "oclone" and "mclone"
  mob mclone <target to clone>
     Works exactly as the imm command
  mob oclone <object to clone> <target location>
     Works exactly like the imm command except it can load into the room or inventory
     EG "mob oclone apple I" will duplicate the object into inventory
     EG "mob oclone apple R" will duplicate the object into the room

Changes 2-18-2019

  • Tsunami, Suplex and Blam Gush will no longer push mobs into rooms where they aren't allowed.
  • Using Boogie Fever in coordination with Tame will no longer break up the group.
  • Pets can no longer be ordered to purchase unique items.
  • Read Magic/Analyze will now show more affects (if applicable).
  • Mobs will now echo back if they can't wear something that is Antimob.
  • Decaying objects will no longer announce their destruction if they have the 'noecho' flag applied.
  • Unique objects can no longer be purchased if one is in the player's locker.
  • The word 'pet' will now reference the player's pet in the same way that 'me' or 'self' references the player.
  • 'Autosort' will now automatically sort your inventory (and locker!) into item types. Try it and see how it works!.
  • Din's Fire now targets all enemies in the room and has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Items that are flagged 'melt_drop' no longer showcase a red aura.


  • Mobs can now award themselves ('mob award $i') instead of needing a convoluted chain of mob-manipulation to provide the same effect, please be careful with its use, probably sticking to event items so that the player is $i.
  • New behavior 'travelingpet' that makes a charmed mob consistently return to its owner, this will eliminate the need to create a RANDOM trigger prog to manually provide the same effect.
  • Rand_phys_vuln and rand_misc_vuln behavior flags added.

Changes 2-10-2019

Mostly just builder changes here.

  • sneak applies to portals.
  • exhaulted etc should vanish only at appropriate remorts (again?).
  • mob addlag is back in, capped at 1000 but you should never need to go even that high, I hope.
  • hammerhand has fail message when no target is found.
  • resets now flags the area as "changed", so it can be saved without further edits.
  • damroll added as a field for mset.
  • various readout changes.
  • Curse on non-object targets now has a chance to cause short-term negative affects:
  Chances are based on wisdom.
  Chances are higher when the caster is evil.

Changes 2-8-2019

  • Using offensive abilities on yourself no longer triggers the Gilgame Heart skill.
  • Offensive skills can no longer gain learned-skill percentage when used on oneself.
  • 'Whowas' now shows new things, such as the player's current level and remort #.
  • Logging into a dark room with an active light source no longer acts as though your light doesn't exist.
  • 'Plural' and 'Spivak' genders now show appropriate coloration on the 'Who' list.
  • Aurora and Din's Fire spells now echo to the room when the caster is the target.
  • Angel Whisper now does 1/8th of an undead enemy's current HP instead of their maximum HP.
  • Scan/Examine now shows the condition of a decaying-flagged object.
  • Encore will now boost Attack Up to a maximum of 50 Damroll, no matter how many times for the former spell is cast.
  • Unique items can now only be bought one at a time.
  • Phlogiston has been reworked and now has better overall chances for success, maxing out at level 150.
  • Intimidate now successfully stacks Damroll detriments.
  • Misc grammar and text fixes.

Changes 1-31-2019

First pass on Priest rework

  • Detect Alignment is back in, working as you'd expect.
  • Mend and Vitalize tweaked; spell targets of same alignment and NOT the caster grant a chance to return mana or heal for more(Vitalize also has a chance to reduce cooldown). Chances

based on Wisdom.

  • Mend no longer has a blackhole for practices.
  • Ray of Truth tweaked; damage has a chance to scale when targeting opposite align from the caster, with another chance for half cooldown. Both chances based on Wisdom.
  • Judgment tweaked; Chances(still based on Wisdom) that when used on opposite align from the caster that there may be a mana return, cooldown halved, and/or extra buff pulses.
  • Bless tweaked when cast on objects; Chances(Wisdom AND good align based) to apply more diverse bonuses dependent on object's wear location(eg feet).
  • Curse massively tweaked:
  • Curse can now be cast on objects, casting curse on weapons or armor will cause the following:
  1) Perishable, cursed, nouncurse
  2) Cost/value of the object will be reduced to 0
  3.A) Condition of the object will be reduced by 2/3rds
  3.B) Condition cuts can be negated some, determined by wisdom
  • Cursed weapons will receive the following:
  1) The first die on the weapons damage dice gets a 50% boost
  2) If there are enchantments, the enchant count gets a 33% boost
  • Cursed armor will receive the following:
  1) The armor stats get a 50% boost across the board
  2) The armor gets a saves boost, the amount is determined by wisdom
  • Curse casted on any other object just adds 1 magroll or damroll for now
  • Curse casted on a non-object-target no longer has a set 30 armor penalty
  • Curse armor penalty is determined by wisdom
  • Smite reworked; Casting Smite while BLESSED causes it to work in reverse of normal, Casting Smite while the target is CURSED does more damage the closer you are to their hp %.

  • Legacy Spells have been adjusted:
Fira, Bizzara, and Thundara have increased mana costs.
Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga have increased mana costs AND a cooldown.

Changes 1-23-2019

  • When given a unique item you already own or already have in your locker, it will tell you the item specifically, instead of just "you already own that"
  • Angel Whisper now does 1/8th damage to undead's CURRENT health instead of their max health
  • The Koi Pond in Hikari no Matsuri is now community-friendly! Everyone can now fish from one pond! Talk to the stall tenant for a small update on the mechanics change involved!


  • 'khcount' and 'khexist' ifchecks are in, use them to check for killcounts of a specific mob and if the player has any killcount of a mob (see obj vnum 7249 for examples)

Changes 10-21-2018

  • Items flagged 'noexplode' will no longer prevent charges being used with WIS scores of 20+.
  • Decaying items no longer corrupt lockers, instead going down to 1 Condition and then stopping until they are removed, whereupon they will resume decaying.
  • Unique items are now unique between a player and their locker (no more doubling up!).
  • The random "your weakens" message for some effects when casting Esuna has been fixed.
  • The 'Angel Whisper' spell is longer staffify-able.
  • CHARMIES (not permanent pets) can no longer interact (pick up, give, etc.) with Unique items.
  • The echoes for a scroll going off twice has been given a space, so it looks less crammed.
  • Odd bug ('lololo 2568 lol5') in the log has been fixed.

We apologize if some of these fixes/changes/updates hamper the difficulty of certain playstyles going forward, but please understand that they were considered at length and administered to combat exploits and unintended practices. You guys are awesome though, you'll figure out a way to keep going at full speed!

Area Changes 9-27-2018


  • Jam Wasteland is now available. Has some pre-requisites - alchemy related!
  • The Feymarch is now available, linked (for now) at the end of the Mist Cave.


  • There are now secret treasure spots (referred to sometimes as "hidey holes") all around the Cleft. Be on the lookout for a weird, old guy in various Cleft cities for more information.
  • See chobins and palicos getting drunk together at the Rat Cantina, located in the ocean somewhere. Maybe a friendly merchant will let you ride their ship there! If not, maybe you can bother a not-so-friendly merchant until they give in.
  • There is now a publically available Mana Treant. It has some interesting "features", see note regarding it for more information.


  • Booster Tower has been given a face lift, remort-only fight, minor tweaks, new drops, fixes, and new quests.

Changes 9-4-2018


  • DEX:
     If >= 25, chance for a movement to cost 1/2 MV, and to avoid being Disarmed.
     If <= 9, chance for a movement to cost 1.5x MV.
     Higher Dex scores now also increase MV regeneration.
  • WIS:
     If >= 25, when using a Rod item there is a chance based on INT for halved cooldown or halved lag.
     If <= 9, there is a chance based on INT to increase Rod-used cooldown by 25%.
     If >= 25, when using a Wand or Staff item there is a chance based on INT to withhold using a charge, or boost the spell's effectiveness by 1.5x.
     If <= 9, there is a chance to weaken the Wand/Staff's effectiveness by 25%
  • INT:
     Higher Int now positively affects Mana regeneration and negatively affects cast failure.
     If >= 25, there is a chance based on WIS to gain spell damage bonuses.
     If <= 8, there is a chance to accidentally perform drunk speech.
     If >= 25, there is a chance based on WIS that Scrolls will have halved lag or doublecast one of the spells.
     If >= 40, there is a chance to doublecast two spells on the scroll.
     If <= 9, there is a chance to fail one of the spells on a scroll or lose 25% of the spell's effectiveness/power.
  • New Gender Types: 'They (Plural)' and 'Spivak (e/em)'
  • New Spell: Reraise - Instantly revives the caster and restores them completely (EXP penalty for dying is still applied, though!)
  • 'Idle Hands' spell has been adjusted, now giving Level/2 increases to both Weight and Item capacity, maxing out at +50/+50 at Lv100.
  • 'Enchant' spell has been renamed 'Enchantment'.


  • Mob Variable Additions: 'sex' ifcheck now can use '5' for the Spivak gender (E.g. 'if sex $i == 5')

Area Changes 5-1-2018

  • Kakariko Village is accessible
  • The Pillars of Nosgoth are accessible
  • The Ancient Library is accessible
  • Viorar has some updates to descriptions and interactions
  • Chocobo Forest has updated descriptions, item drops and spawn rates
  • The world around the town of Todo has been expanded
  • You now receive a class-specific reward for completing Truce's community service
  • It's easier to get back the "mysterious map" item
  • Oopsie Dayzees have joined the Dayzee Family
  • For Builders:
  • Fishing, Phone, Bomb Database added to the immortal hub
  • Bambino Bombs have universal directional triggers

Changes 4-19-2018


  • New mob command: 'Addlag' (Adds lag to a player, disallowing them any activity until it wears off)

Changes 4-16-2018

  • Some fixes for cross-room battle issues
  • Players and mobs can no longer flee while grappled
  • Items with the 'Melt_Drop' flag can now be stolen
  • Items now have custom disintegration (when Condition reaches 0 through Decay) messages based in item's innate
  • Various skills will now enjoy damroll bonuses applied to their damage calculations
  • 'Crash' is less random, does a bit more damage and also boosts the damage and lessens the damage variance depending on the 'Capacity' amount of the vehicle
  • Spells with mob-moving effects (eg, Gravity Well) no longer require the mob to have Mov for the effect to function
  • Dispel now has more effects that it can remove
  • Esuna now has more ailments that it can remove
  • 'Charge' affects more Geomancer spells than before
  • 'Judgment' now does Holy/Negative damage based on alignment (instead of Light/Dark)
  • Knight spells that have damage dependant on alignment have been updated with specific pairings (light/dark and holy/negative)
  • 'Encore' no longer affects Dodge, Parry or Shield Block
  • New Spell: Debilitate (Lowers a target's level, prevents experience gain while in effect)
  • New Spell: Enchant (Enchant Weapon & Enchant Armor rolled into one spell, affects both types)
  • New skill: Ceremony (Toggled, forced resting position, autoattack off, sacrifice things for bonus mana and slightly adjusts alignment if sacrificing evil or blessed items)
  • Merchants no longer get Enchant Weapon or Enchant Armor, replaced with 'Enchant'
  • Magroll scaling is officially in place: Each point is 1% bonus effectiveness up to 20, and after 20 it scales to more-or-less needing 2 points for every 1% efficiency (with slight variance here and there)
  • Remort Tokens are in the process of undergoing an upgrade; eventually, they will be automated and allow a player to auto-remort themselves, including the coverage of remort cost
  • Various readout changes to give the Cleft's damtypes, elements and overall display a more consistent appearance


  • Oset'ing an item with the Decay flag and Oset'ing condition to 0 will cause an item to disintegrate immediately
  • New ifchecks: Objcost, objweight, objextra, objextra2, and objextra3
  • Ageatii has a new (or fixed, anyway) custom message when using the 'slay' command

Changes 3-22/3-23-2018

  • Cure has a slightly lower rate of healing than before
  • Cure's mana cost has been lowered from 10 to 8
  • Charge will now function with Vitalize
  • A few spells have been excluded from the Metronome list
  • Ninjas can now hide better, generally, and even more so in dark rooms
  • Ninjas now know when they have or have not become hidden.
  • Ninjas now sneak more successfully in dark rooms or while hidden, even more so when both conditions are met
  • Ninjas now know when they have or have not started sneaking
  • New spell: Debilitate (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Wording: 'Exotic' has replaced 'Magic' in a few areas
  • The room affects, sandstorm and flurry, should not do damage if you're resistant to their respective elements.
  • Alias max has been increased to 32.

For Builders:

  • Added a move if check
    • mvchk 'if mvchk $i >= 50'
  • Added object condition check
    • objcond 'if objcond >= 20'
  • Added condition as an oset field
    • 'mob oset $o condition -20' Adjust current condition by -20
  • Added brief mode check
    • isbrief 'if isbrief $n'
  • Oset usage is now limited to the actor's inventory and in the current room the actor is standing in.
    • Note: If you need to get around this and manipulate an object in another mob/player inventory, use force and mforce.

Changes 3-8/3-10-2018

  • Jumi and Matango now have independent, separate health regeneration rates that is not the 'Regen' affect (and thus no longer have the latter in constant effect).
  • CON and WIS now add a slight regeneration bonus to HP and Mana, respectively. This is especially noticeable in conditions that are not ideal.
  • 'Psyke Up' and 'Psyke Down' spells added, effects are equivalent to their 'Attack Up' and 'Attack Down' counterparts except that it influences Magroll instead of Damroll.
  • BUILDERS: Please be careful with using Psyke Down for now, as negative Magroll will prevent both players and mobs from dealing ANY spell damage!
  • 'Enchant Armor' no longer increases the target item's level by 1.
  • Priests now receive slightly more mana when sacrificing gold coins.
  • Choke and Powersurge now work with counterspell.
  • Wisdom helps with failure to cast spells
  • Magroll has been fleshed out for player usage and works as intended.
  • Wall change can be charged to better penetrate saves.
  • Enchant spell has been added, which combines both enchant armor and enchant weapon
  • enchanting with the new enchant spell has slight chance to add -1 saves or +1 hitroll to armor or weapons, respectively.
  • higher wisdom increases those odds even more.
  • psyke down has been adjusted to be more likely to bypass saves.
  • armor golems are no longer affected by slow naturally.
  • various read out changes, most importantly, lockers and containers.

For builders:

  • mob award exp works in flat value. Use 'mob award $n exp 1234 noscale'
  • mob preitle is a command. for safety reasons, its usage is 'mob mforce $n mob pretitle self lolmypretitle ' to remove pretitles, just use {x.
  • mobs currently are locked out of magroll.

Changes 3-2-2018

  • Cynbel Sea is now linked!
  • The following areas have been removed from the "areas" command list: Magmoor Caverns, River City, Zanarkand, Magitek Factory.
  • MiniMedals have been added to: Gold City, Gobi's Valley, Frosty Forest, Tonoe, Jungle of Illusion, Goreomemu Swamp.
  • Level locks have been removed from: Orbonne Monastery, Guardia Castle, Dr Wily's Lab, Leires.
  • Item re-balances: Mana Spirit Statues, Mirror Shield, Silver Gauntlets.
  • Mob re-balances: Myrkur Necromancer, Great Rabite, Mushroomized Parasect, Angel Tower Spectre.
  • Pandora's Clothes in Truce are re-categorized as 'jewelry' type.
  • You have more time to complete Norstein Bekkler's light game in Truce.

Changes 2-19-2018

  • Stealing an item you can't carry no longer hecks up the item's location.
  • gptoss' damage is now a natural logarithm instead of base10... look forward to dealing more damage with it!
  • Fling shouldn't cast weapons into the void or other mobs' inventories.

Changes 1-26-2018

  • Sunsnug Isle is now accessible
  • Mist Cave is accessible as an expansion to Magicant
  • Hu Lao Gate is now accessible
  • An alternate unlockable path is available to get to the northern areas of Guardia.
  • Non-Saturn Valley ATMs no longer require ATM cards.
  • The potion seed pots (Crysta & Viorar) have been removed
  • Effects have been added to the remaining existing potion seeds that enemies drop
  • The speech in Lu Bu Feng Xian's delivery call is toned down
  • The reward for collecting all the Chaos Emeralds is improved
  • Asina on Joel Island more directly gives out quest initiation hints
  • Bugfix where Moon Saber was not being rewarded

Changes 1-10-2018

  • doubled the internal SPL_SPRD variable, which should reduce the variability of spell damage somewhat.
  • those NPCs you thought were healers.... aren't anymore. see selan and company for uncursing and IDing stuff now.
  • which conveniently updates whenever anyone who's not a staff member types 'who'.
  • 'report skills' -- for ordering your pet reveal its innate combat skills.
  • the 'cactus stool' made by a level 0 Mokuton no longer WORSENS regeneration.
  • Frost Saber now has a chance to apply a short-duration Slow.
  • Players and mobs warcry'ing at themselves have a better echo now.

for builders:

  • mobs and objects no longer have a 'material'
  • shopkeepers now *clone* objects when selling them, instead of making new ones.
    • this means infinite 'inventory' objects can be modified or restrung while still in the keeper's inventory, and the changes will now propagate to the bought copy.
  • plus some other changes i probably forgot


Changes 12-30-2017

  • Jutsu's lag time reduced from 20 to 12
  • Fumes now applies Poison instead of Fear -- rev up those Leeches
  • Ninjas get the Fear spell at level 45
  • Merchants now get Firebreath instead of Heat Metal at level 50
  • Gptoss is about half the cost to use but does the same damage
  • Dual Wield now functions correctly/at all when you have 2x/3x-cut
  • fixed that rogue . when paralyzed
  • converting gold to silver in banks is now free (but who does this)
  • 'report offense' shows magroll now

Changes 12-29-2017

  • Magroll is now percentage-based: 1 magroll is now equivalent to 1% more damage when casting a spell that deals damage. Builders, keep this in mind going forward when/if adding Magroll to items! Healing is also slated to be affected by this as well, but is not yet.

Changes 12-27-2017

  • "MAGROLL" is a thing now. It applies a flat damage bonus to most spells and damaging affects. There will be some exceptions (base Summoner spells), and there will be some instances where magroll has an exaggerated effect (multi- hit spells like Rainbow). Some builds will be better, some won't be affected, but none should take a nerf from this. Regardless, we're in uncharted territory!
  • Characters receive a bonus to Magroll similar to how Strength affects Damroll in practice, this is going to be about... 5 magroll for most casters
  • Builders can put Magroll on mobs and items (replaced previously nonfunctional bonus to saves vs paralysis?) -- use this sparingly, as you did damroll!!!
  • Bleeding damage now caps at level*3 per round so megabosses don't drain dry for thousands of damage per round
  • Enchant Weapon's effect with Damroll has been readjusted up to 15%. More tweaking possible pending smoothing out Magroll.

Changes 12-23-2017

  • any potential mob with vnum 3708 will be able to attack now (weird stock bug)
  • many abilities no longer penetrate the Shell affect
  • 'rod' and 'event' type items will display their current cooldown time when Scan'd/examine'd
  • enchanted weapons were having their damage bonus DOUBLED -- this has been corrected from 20% extra damroll per enchant to 10%
    • this seems like a nerf but check out the helpfile -- it was only SUPPOSED to be 5%
  • giga drain's mp cost cut by 1/3
  • vampires only regenerate 1hp/pulse while exposed to sunlight
  • plus other changes I've forgotten!

Changes 6-15-2017


  • Pip will refresh his inventory every day even when players are away.
  • Flameshe and the pumpkinhead butler will now not accept items (for now)
  • Electrical barrier seems to be working correctly.
  • Aisu's door is two-way.
  • El Nido quest list fixed
  • Vehicle loss in quest rooms: There isn't really a good solution that doesn't involve revamping how vehicles work.
  • Kiki responds to Elazul when appropriate.
  • The certain Gypsy Camp quest has the appropriate story prerequisites now.

Changes 6-04-2017

  • added 'glance' command to show only room name, exits, and contents when 'brief' is on
  • re-added 'exits' command -- beware of fake room names (re: mobprog trickery)
  • re-added 'resistances' command -- shows a short version when 'brief' mode is on
  • fixed a problem involving mobs with vampirism and the haunt affect which probably broke a bunch of other things too

for builders:

  • new exit flag 'nomob'

for me:

  • cleared various compile warnings
  • prototype "who's online" webpage -- for now, only updates when a staff member types 'who2'


Changes 3-29-2016

Various other changes have went in, but here are the highlights:

  • oset is finished off with using flag names (vs their numerical value) in the value(0-4) slots, where needed. (the imm command 'set obj' has been updated to do the same)
  • "pet" has been added to the necromancers, to retrieve the corpse of all pets at once(that actually leave a corpse). Eg. necro pet
  • Added affected2 if check eg. If affected2 focus
  • Added fast affect2 flag (works like the fast vehicle flag)
  • Added 'quicken spell' (applies fast)

Changes 1-20-2016

New mob commands:

  mset          - See 'help set' for details
  oset          - This isn't actually new but more has been added to it, see 'help set'
  mforce        - Allows players to execute mob commands without the use of an event item. (ie mob mforce $n mob cast fireball)
  mob face name - Mobs change their name tags

New Variables:

  $A            - Same as $o, without quotes around name tags
  $b            - Mob's remember target's race
  $B            - Mob's remember target's level
  These have been added to 'help variable' (Thanks Odwofi!)

Various Changes:

  Brief mode is (re?)enabled due to volume of requests lately
  Wildcasting has been changed to a toggle
  Wildcasting has been added to affects2
  Affects2 can be toggled with mob flag