Corruption (Wishborn)

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The corruption in a Wishborn's Soul Gem is what causes them to become the Witches and Yoma they have sworn to fight, if it is not cleansed before it becomes 100%. The corruption spreads through a number of events, but is most often affiliated to power usage, emotional and mental distress/trauma, prolonged stays in a Witch's labyrinth, and sustained damage while transformed. Much less of note, but still equally dangerous and possibly the number-one corruptor of Soul Gems, is sloth: a lack of activity or time spent seeking out Yoma or Witches, which is considered to be the Wishborn's end of their contractual obligation to Kyuubey for their granted wish. To this end, a Soul Gem corrupts at a very slow rate, but the time spent enjoying a wish and not living up to one's expectations has taken the lives of many Wishborn over time, as it is easy to merely assume that nothing will happen to a Wishborn so long as they don't use their powers. Sadly, this is not the case.

The following is a list of all Wishborn that have undertaken Kyuubey's contract within the confines of Cleft's Roleplay, and their current corruption levels. If there are questions on the 'what' or 'why', please don't hesitate to seek out Lilly (Head of RP on the Cleft) and ask of them directly.

Alcatraz - 0% - (Active)

Aurum - N/A - (Deceased)

Coldwater, May Ann - 19% - (Active)

Coldwater, Rae Beth - 19% - (Active)

Crossroads - 63% - (Active)

Dusk/Florence - N/A - (Deceased)

Echo - 29% - (Active)

Erica -  ?% - (Active..?)

Ezekial -  ?% - (Presumed Deceased..?)

Holdana - N/A - (Deceased)

Johnathan - 21% - (Active)

Koa - N/A - (Deceased)

Korryn - N/A - (Deceased)

Kyrk - N/A - (Deceased)

Lorastine - 29% - (Active)

Miriam - 8% - (Semi-Active)

Mollianne - 24% - (Active)

Rarity - N/A - (Deceased)

Rizar - N/A - (Deceased)

Tyrranis - 48% - (Active)

ACTIVE - The Wishborn is alive and well.

DANGER - The Wishborn is alive and active, but is either coming dangerously close to corruption, or is exhibiting traits or aspects that are a warning sign of impending corruption.

DECEASED - The Wishborn has either had their Soul Gem destroyed, or was corrupted and subsequently vanquished.

CORRUPTED: (Type) - The Wishborn has corrupted into the noted form, and is currently active somewhere in the world as such.

REPLOID - SOUL GEM DESTROYED - The Wishborn is a Reploid character who has had his or her Soul Gem destroyed. In the case of Reploids, this does not immediately slay the character; rather, they become a heartless, soulless machine with only the barest of self-automation functionality and subconscious desires.